Ozeri Tower Fan Review- Perfect for small places!

Spring is right around the corner and I'm so ready to have the windows open and the fresh air flowing through the house! Our house is rather small, which I guess helps with the electric bill but leaves for a hassle to have a big stand up fan in the living room or any room in the house for that matter. I just feel like they get in the way...

I came across the Ozeri Tower Fan a few months ago and we have already gotten a ton of use with it! I know spring is still technically around the corner but we have been using it to circulate some of the heat throughout the house and its been perfect so I know it will be great for spring and summer too!

The Ozeri Tower Fan set up is has a super slim design being only about 3-4 inches thick but stands 44 inches tall with three separately controlled fans. And get this, controlled by sleek buttons on the fan or a remote! Wow we (as a generation) are getting lazy but that's totally OK because this pregnant lady totally appreciates the ability to turn the fan off and on with the remote!

My favorite feature with this fan is how quiet it is even with all the different airflow patterns. There are actually 3 pre-programed airflow patterns and with the 3 different fans and 3 different fan speeds, there are up to 9 different levels of airflow. The Ozeri Tower Fan just seems so unlimited! Oh oh oh!!! Let's not forget the timer on it that can be programmed in 30 minute increments for 7.5 hours!

This has got to be one of my favorite fans we have ever owned. There are just so many different features and setting possibilities. Be sure to check out the Ozeri Tower Fan at the following links;


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  1. I need one of these fans for my house! summer is coming!

  2. I have never seen these fans before! I could definitely use one with a remote. I dont know how many times I have crawled into bed & forgot to turn the fan on, so I have to get back up. Annoying.

    1. I was really surprised to see that they even have them at Wal-Mart! How easy is that!

  3. This would be great for our apartment!