Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike- Great for the whole family!

So when the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike showed up on my front porch, I immediately left it there for the boys to carry in...  I didn't think they would also beg and beg to put it together.  But it's not like this preggo was truly in the position to say no as bending and a whole lot of moving has become rather difficult. So fine..... There ya go bud! Have at it!

I went inside to get some work done and came back out and was incredibly surprised at how far he had gotten in such a short time!  “What mom? The instructions were easy!” Good to know!! And the boys, for half a minute, worked together! 

Now I've had exercise bikes before so when I found out this one was coming I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Just another piece of exercise equipment that the boys would probably use more than anyone and maybe just maybe it would keep them out of my hair for a little while here and there?  Wow was I wrong!  I've even gotten on it a couple of times (in small burst) and the seat and set up is extremely comfortable!  I was really surprised!  

The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike has so many different features on it, it's definitely more than just your traditional exercise bike!  I love love love it!     The wheels on the back make it super easy for me to move around.  We are storing it in the garage, but when I'm ready to use it I would much rather be outside!  Easy peasy!  And as guilty as I feel for wanting to watch TV and ride on it at the same time, it's still just as easy to move it in the living room because it's actually pretty light-weight once it's all put together.  

Battery operated, The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike has a simple multi-function monitor which tracks workout time, calories burned, speed and distance travel!  Hubby is constantly coming in and telling me that he did x amount of miles and is really proud of how fast he's doing them.  Soon honey, I'll catch up with ya!  I see a little friendly competition in our future! 

The knob you see just below the monitor easily adjust the resistance too!  I love that because that allows everyone in the house to personalize the workout experience specifically to their needs.  

So check this out, that little knob controls the adjustable Wonder Arms!   Here's what makes the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike different from all the rest!  Pull the knob and the arms you see coming up from the top can move all the way down giving you several different options for an upper body workout!  

 The elastic tension cord is perfectly paired with resistance and position to change up the upper body workout and tone not only my arms but shoulders, chest, and back!  With the ability to move the wonder arms, I've seen the boys do exercises like the chest press but I like using it to throw punches.  At this point in my pregnancy that's the way I have found it easiest for me to use.   

Oh my gosh I remember when the boys were little, they were at work with me while I was taking care of an incident and Maison goes "Mom what happened to your arms!  They are hanging!!"  Yea..... Now they know better but I have a smaller smarty pants on the way so I'm not even going to take the chance!   

I can't wait until Baby Kolton get's here and I can really put the pedal to the metal and give the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike my turn!  I've gotten to use it so very little so far I just keep growing more and more anxious watching everyone else enjoy it.  And by the time it's my turn, those trees will be in full bloom and my wild flowers should be growing nicely out in front of the garage.  I just can't wait!!

Be sure to check out The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike is available at the following links!  Give it a try after all summer is right around the corner and not only is this a good piece of equipment to help get into shape to have enough energy to keep up with summer but who doesn't want to fit a into that swim gear a little nicer???

Stamina Products Website 

   Also available at Sears & Walmart!

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