2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Something to wear:
Goodie Two Sleeves
       We ordered shirts for the boys from Goodie Two Sleeves but they have so many womens shirts as well!  They're shirts are soft, funny, and say it all!

I love buying handmade products for gifts and both these jewelry companies do so many good things for the women and crafters in their regions.
Sashka Co Glass Bead Bracelet
Sashka Co bracelets are made from tiny glass beads all hand crocheted.  They are beautiful and they have so many different color assortments you can't go wrong!
          Waxing Poetic Jewelry
           Waxing Poetic is another one of my favorite jewelry companies. Their pieces are poured from fine metals in hand sculpted molds.  The chain on the necklace I received from them is my absolute favorite and the necklace is just absolutely detailed beauty!  Love love love this company! 

Something that smells good
Ambrosia Scents Canister is perfect for the Mom who isn't allowed wax melts at work (a lot of teachers, nurses, ect) or a Mom with young children as Wax melts can burn a baby!  This canister is a perfect replacement and smells oh so good!

For the Mom to be
Queen Rose Maternity Pillow will help her get a good nights sleep!  Give mom the gift of sleep for Mother's Day!
Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box- This is the box that keeps on giving and will grow with Mom and Baby for as long as you subscribe!  An incredible subscription box for the Mom to be or new Mom!

A Little Pampering

Both of these Purelis Naturals Gift Baskets are sure to offer mom a couple days of self pampering! Check out the links to see our full review and their awesome presentation.  They come ready to gift or you can ship directly from Amazon and send a personalized message!  They are an easy peasy sweet gift for Mom!
 Purelis Naturals Gift Basket Coconut Milk & Berries 
Purelis Naturals Gift Basket

Nature Loving Mom
Sibley Guide to Birds  is great for the Mom who enjoys drinking coffee outside while watching the birds.  I love taking in the morning from our swing just watching the day begin!

For the book Mom
      Amazon is full of Mom Books from adult color to mom funnies.  You can't go wrong if Mom has a sense of humor.

Coffee Loving Mom
Brooklyn Bean Coffee Company is super fun and extremely delicious!  They have some really unique flavors that you wont wanna miss!  Even the boxes are fun! 

Hard to Shop for Mom
   Of course if Mom just has everything you can let Mom pick out her Mother's Day treasures and purchase an Amazon Gift Card for her.  Amazon is unlimited at the products she can choose from so if you are still a little clueless, click the link below for an Animated Amazon Gift Card. 

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