A new gadget we love! Zoku Ouick Pop Maker

Question #1:  Do you ever get one of those kitchen gadgets and it's like "WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN THIS SOONER!"
Question #2:  Do you remember the popsicle makers that you pour juice in and then have to wait hours for them to freeze so you never really ended up using them and in a drawer they sit?

 We got the ZOKU Quick Pop Maker a couple weeks ago and the kids begged every single day usually 10 times a day to use it... They were starting to drive me crazy but I really hadn't felt like digging it out because I hadn't been to the store to get anything to put in it.

Well hubby took Jeramiah to the store and he bought his own Kool-Aid to use.  Go figure right?  That's what I call old school kiddo! OK So at that point I had no reason to continue saying no.

Before I knew it the kids all had popsicles and hubby was in the process of making more!  I used to hate making popsicles because when you want one, you still have to wait for several hours.  By the that point, I would either not want one anymore or have eaten something else already.  Now we can make them in minutes!!!

So right from the get go, I put the ZOKU in the freezer and that's where we store it to keep it ready at all times.  Sometimes if we're making several batches we have to put it back in the cold in between but usually we can pour our liquid in, toss it back in the freezer for a couple minutes (this is how we keep it colder longer) and after a few minutes it's done!

It's of neat how this is designed because the popsicles come out absolutely perfect!  They are smooth and shinny and they stay on the sticks really well plus the sticks have a drip guard.  It also comes with a "Super Tool" that helps pop the popsicles out easily.

So far the kids make popsicles out of Kool-aid  (I still think that's cute!)  But hubby and I have used Strawberry Yogurt and they were incredible!  I'm thinking maybe some fudge pops out of a chocolate pudding and oh how about creamsicles too!!

The ZOKU Quick Pop Maker totally makes me smile because while I figured the kids would have fun with it and use it a million times over the summer, I never thought hubby and I would too!

Be sure to check out ZOKU Quick Pop Maker and seriously look into getting one!  We love ours and we can't wait to share great popsicle recipes all summer long! 

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