A subscription box that grows with baby- Ecocentric Mom

Subscription boxes are so much fun!  You never really know what you're going to get so it's like ordering yourself a mystery gift each month. Last week we received the Ecocentric Mom Box which is actually pretty different than the rest of the subscription boxes we've seen.  The Ecocentric Mom Box actually grows with you and your child from pregnancy to preschool and then as long as you would like!  The products are all organic and Eco-Friendly but the box includes items for both me and Baby Kolton.  It's actually pretty neat! 
The Ecocentric Mom Box is full of so many different products!  Ours this month had a sample of Water Wipes which are actually one of my favorites because they are great for sensitive or irritated skin.  This box also contained beurre Shae Butter Baby Cream which is thick and rich in moisturizer.  And who doesn't love a little bit of chocolate?  I was surprised to find two packs of chocolate, both from Cambridge Chocolate Technologies based out of Colorado.  Both boxes contain 3 individually wrapped servings of dark chocolate which I'm not generally a fan of but these are melt in your mouth good! 
Now I've never heard of Body Nectar but there was a bottle included by Rutz and I have to admit I'm a believer!  I love the way it smells and feels!  I used it yesterday after I got out of the shower on one arm and not the other so I could see the difference and I really could actually see the difference!  My skin was so smooth and silky but in a very natural way.  Love love love it!

Also included in the Ecocentric Mom Box was a set of 6 washable nursing pads from Glitzy Gals by itzy ritzy.  They are soooooooo soft!  The design side is made of 100% cotton, with an inner layer of absorbent flannel and two layers of moisture wicking. Then the soft part is actually bamboo rayon which is just silky soft!  I love them!  The package included two pairs of pretty pads and then one that's a little more discrete for those less modest shirts.  All super cute!

So I actually had to do some research for this one as I had also never heard of pulling oil.  Again, slightly sheltered...  From Masigi , these individual packs of pulling oil come in two different flavors Boost which I thought tasted like an orange & Ginger and fresh which of course minty.  The oil is used to swish around in your mouth and pull through the teeth and gums each day to remove bacteria and promote strong oral health.  Kinda neat... I might try these again in the future.

Now again, I love that subscription boxes are full of surprised but who doesn't love one with so many treats?!  HerbaLand included a pack of Protein Gummies in the Ecocentric Mom box.  Packed with protein 10g and fiber 28g I definatley needed these to help me "get back on track" from all the pain meds last week.  Worked like a charm! Protein and Fiber are so essential to healthy digestion I sometimes forget until it's too late how important they are!  These The HerbaLand Gummies were a pretty good especially for protein gummies which are usually grainy bland.  These are full of fruity flavor and still low on sugar!

Now of course my favorite product from the Ecocentric Mom Box is something for Baby Kolton, the silky soft swaddle blanket from Aden. Oh my goodness!  It measures 44"x 44" which makes it perfect to swaddle Kolton as he grows, or use as a blanket on the floor, a stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth or just about anything else you can think about.  It's huge and lightweight plus as I already said silky soft! The softness comes from the bamboo muslin material and bamboo is one of my ultimate favorite materials!

The Ecocentric Mom Box is just packed full of goodies and what's better than sharing a box of goodies with Baby Kolton! 

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