Ambrosia Scents- A wax melt replacement

I've officially unplugged my wax burner and put it away in the garage!  Why? Because I got a new cordless wax free scent canister from Ambrosia Scents the other day.  

Check this out!  My traditional wax burner is constantly plugged using electricity.  My Ambrosia Scents canister comes with a charger.  I think it took just a couple hours to get a complete charge and the canister will stay charged for up to 3 months!  No wasting electricity there! 

The wax burner keeps a hot light bulb to keep the wax hot enough to stay melted.  My Ambrosia Scents canister is cool to the touch all the way around.  This is so much safer for Baby Kolton when he starts crawling. I knew I would eventually have to give up my wax burner, I just never thought I would find a safe alternative.  There's not any wax that he can get a hold of and burn himself or even spill.  There's no mess at all!   The Ambrosia Scents canister uses a light yes, but then a fan to distribute the scent throughout the room. 

 But where does the scent come from?  These cute little Ambrosia Sachet pack a powerful scent and are placed just on the top of the canister and then a lid goes on them to keep a uniformed discrete look.  

The scent sachets are pretty neat also! They come with the S hook you see to the left and the strap that wraps around the decroative button comes up so they can be hung anywhere!  I'm thinking closet, car, behind the trash can.  The possibilities are endless!  

Ambrosia Scent is a great wax melt replacement!  After giving them a try, I'm not sure I'll ever go back to traditional wax melts...  It just makes so much since to utilize a product that doesn't burn constant electricity, doesn't include hot wax or a hot pot, and there's nothing to spill!  Why use anything else?!  Be sure to check them out at the following links! 

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