Bamboo sheets from Land of the Wee for Prince Kolton

Ahhhh I love bamboo, but I think I've said that before.  However, up until last week, I hadn't found a company that produces bamboo crib sheets and changing pad covers.  I now introduce you to Land of the Wee!

Bamboo is one of my favorite materials for it's quality products and eco-friendly production.  Land of the Wee uses 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton in their crib sheets and changing pad covers so I wasn't surprised at how soft the material is.  Silky soft and very light! I actually used the changing pad cover in Baby Kolton's bassinet while he's in our room, although it's made for and fits his changing table pad.  It's great in both places, but for now he's in our room and I wanted the benefits of the bamboo material now rather than later. 

So besides for being silky soft, why bamboo?  Bamboo is extremely eco-friendly and can grow 3 feet a day plus requires 90% less land compared to other crops to make the same yield.  There's no irrigation required to grow bamboo as it can survive solely on rain water alone and it reproduces itself from its roots so there's no replanting once it's harvested if done correctly.  Plus, bamboo fabric is biodegradable!

Bamboo is naturally organic, surviving without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers by using its own natural antibacterial agents.  Those same natural antibacterial and anti fungal plant properties also resist from supporting an environment in which bacteria survives making it an odor-free and hypoallergenic material.   Bamboo is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

I love the antibacterial and odor-free factors for Baby Kolton's crib & bassinet sheets.  Anything I can do to prevent the growth of germs and odors in a house of 6 I will!

Land of the Wee was sweet when they sent us this little gift set and included a note about white crib sheets and how a lot of moms aren't inspired by white crib sheets but they look cleaner longer.  I never thought about it before but they're right I have always looked for full color crib sheets on the basis that they were just colorful.  But now that I think about it, after the first bottle spill or diaper blow out they are stained and generally look nasty!  You can bleach white material, and bamboo is stain resistant.   A little bit of spit up or drool isn't going to turn a white sheet whiter but it will turn a blue sheet darker....  I just never thought about it before... From now on, I'll look for white sheets (maybe with some design to keep it fun).

I'm a firm believer in bamboo products!  The health benefits alone are incredible! And if that's not enough, go to your department store and try to find some bamboo sheets or blankets.  One touch and you'll be hooked!!  Then come back and order your sweet one a set from Land of the Wee.   They are incredibly soft and every baby deserves to be treated like royalty!

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