Big Ant Adjustable Jeep Grab Handles

Jeep season is just around the corner... Oh how I wish I was feeling well enough to get out there and roam around in it now but I'm afraid it will shake me to death so I suppose I better wait until I'm healed completly.

I'm always looking for accessories for the jeep so when I came across a set of 4 adjustable grab handles for less than $15 bucks I knew I couldn't pass them up!

The manufacture states they will fit a 1995-2005 but the straps on these suckers are long enough that they fit our 93.  I will actually be trimming them up a little bit to reduce the extra strap hanging from the end.

They took a whole 10 seconds to put into place and heavy duty the non-slip nylon straps feel extra sturdy and secure.  I love the non-slip rubber contoured handle too!  We primarily take the jeep out back roading or through the woods so these handles are perfect and will get a ton of use!  Check them out at the following links!


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