Check the Chunk with The Precision Baby Check Digital

It wasn't long after I found out we were pregnant I knew I wanted to nurse Baby Kolton as long as possible.  Sure formula is simple but the benefits of nursing for him and I just really made it an easy decision for us.  Besides it's like uninterrupted snuggle time!  That's my favorite!  But it took a few days for my milk to come in and then the medicine I was taking made him a little pooping machine!  Holy smokes I didn't know a baby could poop that much!

At Kolton's 1 week appointment he had not quite gained back to his birth weight. He was 8lbs 13 oz and down to 7lbs 13 oz, so he had a ways to go. Back to the doctor in 7 days.  We're currently still going weekly for weight checks until he porks up a little more.  And we're officially supplementing a little formula in between feedings. Ugh the one thing I didn't want to do...  But I gotta chunk up my little turkey so here we go...

I couldn't be more thrilled that Eat Smart had sent us this Precision Baby Check Digital scale right before Baby Kolton was born. I thought it would be cool to get to check here and there how much he's growing.  I didn't know it would actually become pretty useful and I would need to check how he was doing between appointments.  I don't have to wait until next Monday's appointment to see if he's gaining or not. I'm so excited to have it here handy so I can monitor his chubby cheeks from home. Which means when the scale said 8 lbs 1.5 oz this afternoon I was thrilled!  We still have a little ways to go but at least we're on the right track! 

The Precision Baby Check Digital scale is super lightweight!  I had it in the living room and was able to grab it with one hand while carrying Kolton into our room to weigh him after his bath.  Which is why he's a little ticked off in this picture.  Poor Baby Kolton just got out of the bath and here mom is tormenting him with being in a diaper and taking pictures.  Oh and he hates the camera flash!  He's so funny!  The scale has a "Tare Function" so I'm able to lay a receiving blanket on it, press the button and it reset's to 0 before weighing him.  He hates this one less than the one at the doctors office where they just use a piece of paper. Actually, by this point I gave him his binky which calmed him down and was just a little wiggely.  

He was weighed at the doctors office and then again as soon as we got home and they were both the same.  So I would say The Precision Baby Check scale is pretty accurate.  I just thought I would double check since I had the opportunity.  The scale runs on only 2 AA batteries which it came with so it was ready to use when I was ready to use it.  

This scale has so many neat little features!  It has a negative weight value in case I forget to reset it and a "weight is unstable" feature if Baby Kolton just won't hold still.  It's so precise it actually reads a fraction of an ounce and can read in kg or pounds and ounces.  It records and keeps a memory of weight readings and will tell me if his weight increases or decreases from the last reading.  This scale is probably one of my favorite nursery tools that we've received for Baby Kolton and I love Eat Smart for sending it to us!  

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