Kolton cuteness overload with baby deedee sleep nest lite

Baby Kolton already pulls his receiving blankets up over his face if I don't swaddle him or tuck the blanket around him.  Now while I'm not a new parent by any means I still worry about the little things.  So I definitely appreciate sleep sacks!  But most are thick, bulky, and generally one size fits all.  But we all know one size does not fit all! His arms get lost while there's still a ton of extra "sack" at the bottom".  In general most sleep sacks are more of an inconvenience than they're worth.  

But I said most not all.  I found this sleep nest lite at baby deedee and totally love it!  It's 100% cotton but lightweight which is great for spring and summer coming around the corner.  I don't have to worry about his arms getting lost as it's a tank top style with buttons on each shoulder.  Not only does it button on the shoulders but like the traditional sleep sacks it also zips so there's a double feature for easy escape.   I don't have to fight the sleep nest lite to get him in and out of it! Oh and the zipper, it's in reverse!  So I only have to unzip the bottom half to change his diaper! 

The baby deedee sleep nest lite is great to use in replace of those blankets.  Easy to put on and now I don't have to worry about Kolton pulling the blankets up over his face.  

I also love that baby deedee focuses on safety.  When I opened the package up not only is there instructions for use on the inside but Safe sleeping practices for infants which minimize the risk of 
SIDS.  Here's a few highlights from those safe sleeping practices.

Back to sleep- Place baby into crib on his or her back.  This is the safest position as there is a greater risk of SIDS when babies sleep on their sides or stomachs.  

Make sure blankets can't cover baby's head.  (my biggest reason for trying baby deedee) 

Remove all soft toys pillows quilts bumpers and other soft products from the crib.  Babies can suffocate on them if they roll into these soft items. 

Use a firm well-fitting mattress.  Make sure there are no gaps between the mattress and the edge of the crib where a baby's head can get jammed.

Avoid overheating.  (Which is why I love the sleep nest lite because it's so light weight compared to the bulky fuzzy sleep sacks)  An infant should not feel hot to the touch.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of a baby sleeping bags designed to keep infants warm without the need for a blanket or other covering.  (Again making the sleep nest lite just perfect!)

Check out baby deedee and all they have to offer. They are truly focused on infant safety!

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