MyID Medical Alert Review

After almost 11 years in Law Enforcement, the medical alert cross really stands out to me, so when I was playing around online, MyID instantly caught my eye.  A few clicks later, I knew I wanted to see first hand how their identification products played out.  The whole instant access app made my curiosity grow even more!

So MyID sent us three different products; a MyID Sport Medical ID Bracelet, in small for Miss Tator who has FPIES, a MD Hive Medical ID Bracelet that I'll keep for myself to play around with and then a MyID Sticker set that I can give to my mom who's a diabetic.    There really is something for everyone. They even have more fancy bands too!

So as a first responder, if I come across someone that has a MyID bracelet I would instantly notice it.  Like I said, the medical alert cross stands out because that's how we're trained and each of these products clearly display it.  The bracelets are also easy to understand.  If I come across a patient that can't give me all of their vital information or someone so young like Tator, I can access the necessary medical information three different ways.  First, by calling the 1800 number on the bracelet and using the ID and Pin number.  Secondly, I can scan the smart code, or I can go to and there's a access point on the first screen.  This process takes just a few seconds and no instructions were needed.

I love that MyID offers the service with vinyl stickers.  I know a lot of people that don't wear a medical alert bracelet for whatever reason.  On an emergency scene, we often have to look for identification.  The sticker set comes with 4 identical stickers, which is enough that they could be placed in a wallet, on a refrigerator even on the rear view mirror or windshield of their vehicle.  I will often pull down the sun visor to look for mail with a name on it so those are all good places to utilize the sticker set.  The stickers come with 4 identical vinyl stickers so there's enough to place in several different locations.

Ok so how does MyID work on the patient side? Like I said, there's an app for that... (of course) or you can go online to enroll and set up your profile.  Either way it's free and free for life.  There is an upgraded version you can purchase but I didn't because so far it seems like the regular profile has everything on it I could ask for, including a picture.

So each user profile contains personal information such blood type, height weight, address, phone, and emergency contact.  But then also the more pertinent information like medical conditions, allergies, medications, physicians and insurance.  Plus there's an "other" section just in case there's anything else you would like first responders to know.   The profile was super easy for me to set up, taking a whopping 2 minutes.  But of course time it takes to complete a profile will just depend on each person and how much they have to enter.  Oh and you can link products.  So if I was a child, Mom could link my profile to hers and access them both from her log in information.

Overall, I love the MyID products!  I love all the different options in products from the sticker set to the fancy bracelets.  I love how they are based on one core concept, getting help to people in a time of need.  I love how accessible it is to emergency personnel as a huge frustration is seeing an alert bracelet and then what... We know they have a medical condition but what else do we not know? MyID covers everything from identification to medical history and contacts.

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