These kids and their nose picking skills! Gooey Louie

I think Mother Nature is going through menopause or is just one very ticked off lady... What happened to Spring and Summer?  Isn't it supposed to be getting warm out!?  The kids should be in the pool in less than 30 days and it's only 30 degrees out!  I mean... Baby Kolton and I really REALLY enjoy the nice quiet house when the kids are out in the woods playing and building things.

I guess our package from Galiath games couldn't have came at a better time!  One of the games we received was Gooey Louie.  Anyone heard of it?  Hubby said it was his sisters favorite game when they were little and both Aly and Layla said they've watched it on Youtube.  That's helpful sometimes because then the girls already know the rules when they get new games and toys. 

So... Gooey Louie, I guess I missed out on this one growing up.  It's super easy to set up, less than 30 seconds if you don't put it away correctly the time before.  And the rules are pretty easy...  Roll the dice, "Put your finger in his nose.. Pull out one of the GOOEYS... WATCH OUT!  Pick the wrong one and he'll flip his lid" which means his brain pops out at you!  It was totally funny when his brain popped out and landed on Layla! Oh and the Gooey's.... They're his boogers!  Oh my goodness....  This would not have been a game I would have bought the kids if in the store by myself.  But I'm totally glad they got it!  Now that I've seen them play it, how much they enjoy it, and how it's kept them entertained and out of my hair, I would totally buy it again!  

These kids and their nose picking skills.... 

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  1. This is hilarious looks like a fun family game night.

  2. I love it! Not quite what I was expecting from the title (thankfully), but it looks like a fun game.

  3. Seems like you and your family knows how to get it down