Why Goodie Two Sleeve Shirts?

In just about 5 months, I will officially have two teenage boys... Maison will officially be 13 in September and Jeramiah 15 in December. And like most parents, I'm sitting here thinking "where has the time gone?" They are just growing so fast that it seems like it will be tomorrow and they'll be out of the house and on their own.  (Yes I'm trying really hard not to have a break down moment thinking about it...)

I'm reminded in some very rough ways just how fast they're growing up.  Remember when your mother used to say "Your child will be twice as bad as you".  The boys definitely have a sense of humor and some of the most inappropriate things they find funny.  Wow I'm so "lucky" to be raising boys. LOL But even thought they understand the most inappropriate jokes I would really rather they didn't or at least didn't publicly.  And I don't allow them to wear offensive clothing out in public.

 I am the mom that will make them change or stay home if they try. Harsh? Maybe.... But I work in the public eye and I do care that my kids don't turn into turd buckets.

So when I came across Goodie Two Sleeves, I thought "OK this could actually help".  Goodie Two Sleeves offers the funny shirts but they are still appropriate to wear say to an elementary school or out in public with mom.   This company was actually started by two teenagers in 2002, and their shirts are now carried in stores such as Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom. Which actually serves a point, you don't need vulgar profane shirts to be sold in some of the hottest stores. 

When I came across Goodie Two Sleeves, I let the boys pick out their own shirts.  (oh and now that Baby Kolton is born, I can totally fit back in their clothing! YAY!) Jeramiah found an awesome Aerosmith Dream on 197 T-shirt, that I will totally be stealing!  It's vintage style is too cool and the material is so soft!  Maison snagged a Transformers Distressed Autobot Logo T-shirt  which I'm not a big Transformers fan ( I loved the movies just not a big logo fan), but the shirt is holding up well against washes and is still like new as far as softness and not shrinking.  These shirts are really well made with good quality material. 

Goodie Two Sleeves offers so many different brands in their shirts from Blondie & Pink Floyd to surfing cats and dinosaur dj's.  They also offer shirts for women and kids shirts so be sure to check them out at the following links!

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