A fun family snack box from Freedom Japanese Market

I've had a lot of trouble getting motivated the last couple of days with the dreary weather but I've been dying to get into this package from Freedom Japanese Market so I figured I better get my act together.   I guess a box of snacks is good motivation, right?

The box we received from Freedom Japanese Market was packed with 13 different snacks and an itemized list of contents so that I didn't have to guess what each product is.  Plus a cute little piece of origami which this month's piece was a colored pencil.  How cute! 

Freedom Japanese Market offers a monthly subscription boxes starting at $12.99 with free worldwide shipping.  They also offer options for ordering single boxes as a gift which I thought would be perfect for the holidays when we're sending gifts to co-workers, companies, or distant family.  With the different variety of snacks in this box, a single box or a subscription would be a great gift for anyone! 

So what did the May Box have in it? Mike Popcorn which was butter soy sauce flavored popcorn.  I can't say I've ever had soy sauce flavored pop corn but it was actually pretty good.  The soy sauce gave it just the right amount of salty flavor and who doesn't love pop corn?  I love it in small moderation, it really get's stuck in my teeth.  So I'll give it to the boys.  *sad face I have to share*   Now the Aerial Chips were great!  I only shared taste with them of this one.  Mean Mommy right?  These were a crunchy cheddar cheese flavored puffed corn chips.  I love puffed corn!  These are flavor packed and super airy with several layers of puff!  I loved these! 

Choco Flakes were just what they sounded like.  Basically chocolate covered corn flakes.  Do you remember when chocolate covered potato chips became a thing?  Why isn't chocolate covered corn flakes bigger?  They were pretty good!  Also a Maken Gummy, which is an energy drink flavored hand shaped gummy.  Kinda a little strange.  It was totally edible but I'm not really sure which energy drink it was supposed to taste like as I don't really drink them...   Maison thought it was cool though and he liked it. 

Also, the Freedom Japanese Market box included Nikkyu Ramune- which I'm not sure what that means but they are soda flavored candies in the shape of puppy pawprints.  They were super cute candy.  Strawberry fruits cone (it was crunchy and airy like a hard cotton candy), a Mini Madeleine- a mini- sized butter flavored madeleine which was pretty good little cake like bite, and a chocolate coin.  Now come on, this coin was for real the size of a real coin like a quarter, which is just totally not enough!  It was good quality chocolate and I wanted more. :) 

And last but not least by any means is the two puffed corn tubes.  I love the Sugar Rusk Umbalbo which just had a sugar coating on it and the other one was pizza flavored.  The boys loved that!  Also a Funya Ricchi which was a grape flavored soft chew.  The texture was kinda between gum and a laffy taffy.  I really like fruit flavored snacks but the texture was a little confusing I almost didn't want to swallow it. 

Freedom Japanese Market is a totally fun inexpensive snack box with quality hand picked selection of Japan exclusive snacks.  We really love trying new snacks and foods when traveling or going to different places, so why not let the snacks get delivered here?  Score!

Be sure to check out Freedom Japanese Market at the following links, and if you decide to give them a try, make sure you mention Back Road Momma in the comments so they can send you a free bonus candy in your box!  There's about a pound of candy in each box and they are shipped exclusively from Japan never being stored in a shipping container ship. 

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