Catch the Fox he's stealing the chickens!

What's the fox hiding? Chickens in his pockets! Catch the Fox he's stealing your chickens!  Catch the Fox is for 2-4 players ages 4 and up but like most of the Goliath Games we've received I think it could be played ages 2 and up with a little help.

How to play: Roll the dice to see how many chickens you place in the fox's pockets. Once you place your chickens in his pockets you pet the fox “press his head” and then it's the next persons turn. At any time the Fox can lose his pants and the chickens go scattering! Hurry up and fill up your chicken coop to see who wins!

Catch the Fox is good for all ages, but the older boys really can swipe the chickens faster than the girls which may lead to some hurt feelings and “that's not fair” playing methods. This game is best played with kids in close age range for sure!

I like the element of surprise in Catch the Fox. You never know when his pants are going to fall tossing the chickens all over the table. It's like a fun little surprise and a race to see who can catch the most chickens.
Overall Catch the Fox is a great game to add to family game night. We enjoy games that are quick and easy because that allows each of the kids to pick a couple of games they want to play and we can work through all the games together.

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