Feminine Care and Pampering with The PMS Package

So like it or not, it happens, that time of the month, where everything sucks! So why not ship yourself a care package each month to make that week just a little less horrible. There's actually a subscription box for that too!  Here I bring you...... The PMS Package.  Yup they have a subscription box for that too!

The PMS Package is kinda neat!  You choose your plan between a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month order, pick when you would like to receive it and just wait every month for your sweet little care package to arrive. 

Of course the products themselves will change each month but the general concept is to include items that fulfill cravings, assist with feminine care, and of course allow you to pamper yourself.  So did the PMS Package meet its own standards?

Well to assist with feminine care, the PMS package included a box of Tampax tampons and MenstruHeat patch.  I'm glad to see name brand products included because that tells me the company isn't about cutting corners and will continue to include quality products.  I think the MenstruHeat Patch is a great idea as I'm always cuddling with the heating pad during that week.

For self pampering The PMS Package included a handmade bath bomb from @Yourstrulyjaden and chapstick from   I think that it's really neat they included products from and supported a couple of small businesses. 

But how about those cravings! Ok, so lets talk healthy before guilty.  Beanitos are some of my favorite healthy chips.  I've ate them for a long time now and they are just packed with flavor.  I let hubby try these nacho cheese ones and he actually said he liked them better than Dorritos.  Granola's healthy right? Well I hope so because this Cherry Streusel granola was great on some yogurt!

Ok and now for the sorry not sorry guilty pleasures...  Those Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels were amazing!  They were like a little gourmet treat that I would have never picked up for myself so I'm really thankful for The PMS Package includes such a variety to meet everyone's cravings.

They didn't skimp out on the chocolate either!  Look Cookie Dough bites, Wild West cinnamon graham crackers and chocolate ice cream!  There's plenty of sweets to last all week and a great blended variety for everyone! 

 I used my Zuko Ice Cream maker and enjoyed my bowl of ice cream before the kids got home from school the other day.  I had ice cream in just a matter of minutes! 

The PMS Package creators do a really excellent job at compiling a variety of products.  I was looking at their past boxes online and they've included everything from candles to brownie brittle.  This is definitely a box I would send myself again!  Check out The PMS Package at the following links.  Want to order?  Use code PMS20 for a discount on your first box!

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