For Kolton's sensitive skin we're using Susan Browns Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash

Baby Kolton loves bath time!  He completely relaxes and all but falls asleep.  I think it's the sweetest thing ever! But the traditional baby shampoo makes his skin dry so it's got to go! I hate the dry skin between his eye brows and on his legs.  Oh it just breaks my heart!! 

One of the baby products we received lately is Susan Brown's Baby Naturals Foaming Shampoo & Body wash.  Good deal!  It couldn't have came at a better time.  Kolton's skin is so sensitive!  From the little bumps on his face (which are finally clearing up!) to his diaper allergy... Gosh that's a story for another time! 

Made for babies with sensitive skin, the shampoo & body wash is tear free, PH Balanced, Paraben Free, phthalate free AND hypoallergenic.  Goodness that's a lot to spit out but what it boils down to is it's totally helping with Baby Kolton's dry skin and the redness on his cheeks.  I love the pump bottle design because it's easy to use one handed and it's super foamy!  It really lathers up well on his cute little body!

It smells good too!  Nice, fresh, and with a little chamomile.  Be sure to check out the wash and their other products at the following links;

Susan Brown's Baby Foaming Shampoo & Body wash

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