Getting our outdoor gear together starting with Helens Kit

The kids are really starting to spend more and more time outside which is great!  But they are reckless!  I'm constantly losing dishes due to them getting left outside and then broke either by them or the elements of the weather.  It really REALLY makes me crazy some days!

So when I came across Helens Kit, I knew I needed a set of these stainless steel drinking cups.  They are dishwasher safe, unbreakable, won't rust, chip, melt, or fade, and I can put vinyl on them!  So I can personalize each cup and know who left theirs outside irresponsibly.   Plus, they are easy to clean!  Our plastic cups are constantly getting tea rings left in them because of the ridged interior.  These are smooth and easy for even Miss Layla to wash. 

Layla using her Helens Kit cup while painting outside.  I
Love that if she leaves it outside it's not going to be ruined
by the time they bring it in!
These cups are great!  The stainless steel keeps the temperatures of the drinks cooler longer and the indestructible design is perfect for my kids!

The mesh bag that they come with makes these perfect to throw them with the camping gear as well!  These are a must for our busy house and are totally something we would buy again!

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  1. I have the same problem at home, trust me. My children have just made a mess out of my crockery. Thank you for suggesting the helen's kit. I really needed something like this.