Instant Homemade Ice Cream with Zoku Ice Cream Maker

The temperatures are rising and the kids are almost out for summer.  So what's better than homemade ice cream?  How about homemade ice cream that can be made in just a couple of minutes.  That's right no turning and churning and "patiently" waiting!

Do you remember our post on the Zoku Pop Maker?   GUESS WHAT!!  They also have an ice cream maker!  And we got to try it out!

So turning and churning right?  I thought it was so neat when grandpa would make home made ice cream when we were little.  But the ice cream makers by hand can get tiring and they are all kinda noisy because your moving that ice around the canister.  This perfect ice cream bowl has neither of those issues.

How's it work?  First you need your inner bowl frozen so they recommend you leave it in the freezer for 12 hours.  We store ours in the freezer beside the pop maker so they are both always ready when we are.  Once your bowl is frozen you add your contents and frequently stir with the heavy duty plastic spoon they provided.  Or of course you can use your own. I've done that too.  But just remember to stir frequently and I try to remember to scrape the edges to allow the ice cream to freeze faster.  In about 10 minutes your ice cream is frozen and ready to enjoy!  Sure beats waiting hours for the machine to freeze it or running all the way into town to spend money and get ice cream.

The inner frozen bowl also places inside the clear plastic bowl so your hands won't get cold while your enjoying your treat.  It's really a great well thought concept.

My favorite detail about the Zoku Ice Cream Maker is we can make any flavor and any time!  (assuming we have the ingredients). 

I received a package of Ice Cream in my PMS Package Subscription Box and the Zoku Ice Cream bowl is so easy to use!  The convienence and ease to use along with the whole ice cream factor makes this another one of our favorite kitchen accessories!  Be sure to check out Zoku and all their products at the following links.  They sure are becoming a household favorite here!

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