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If it wasn't for "easy" make up I wouldn't wear any at all.  I swear I won't become that "new mom" who goes out in her pajamas or forgets more often than not to brush her hair.  But make up? Ok, let's play this out.  Baby Kolton's diaper is dry- check! Fed- Check! diaper bag packed- check! Wallet in purse- check!  I have shoes and an appropriate shirt on- Check! crap Kolton's diapers wet again... Fixed now what was I doing?  See the issue here?  So I'll say it again if it wasn't for easy make up, I wouldn't wear any at all.

That's why I love Mineral Hygienics.  I've used their products before and was excited when they said we could feature them on Back Road Momma.

So what did we get?  We received a Minteral Hygienics Mini Starter Kit which includes 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF foundation, a full coverage kabuki brush, and a detailed how-to guide.  Someone was doing some smart thinking when they included 2 shades into these kits.  Although I'm currently using the lighter shade, my skin tone will change the more I'm outside and it's only a matter of time before I need the darker foundation.  I love that these kits include both!

The kabuki brush that comes with these kits are amazing!  When I say high quality I really REALLY mean it with this brush!  Check out this picture with two brushes. Nope, they didn't send me two in this order.  Can you tell which one is over 5 years old?! I wouldn't have been able to either except I know which one I grabbed out of my make up bag.  Even though I had ran out of Mineral hygienics foundation years ago, I continued to use the brush for everything bronzer and other face powders and it's held up as good as new.

With the kabuki brush (because a good brush is really essential) it takes me just about 2 minutes to put on the mineral hygienics foundation and covers really well.  My dark circles and acne issues are pretty well covered while still having a very natural look instead of caked on like liquid foundation. The mineral  foundation is easy to apply, lightweight, covers really well, and last all day regardless how much running I do.  Yesterday I spent a couple minutes putting on my make up before an early doctors appointment. Then throughout the day, Baby Kolton and I went shopping, ran erans, did housework, outside chores, and a school function for Jeramiah.  The only thing I had to reapply was my eye liner and chap stick!  My foundation was set and still covering well! 

I had no intentions of using this picture of me here but I figured after a long day it really wasn't too bad.  This was 12 + Hours after applying the Minteral Hygienics foundation. 

Mineral hygienics is a wonderful foundation for a busy mom on the go!  Be sure to head over to their website and find your perfect shade.

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  1. Mineral Hygienics seems like a good company of products. I would like my gf to try it soon.