Metal Meat Claws for the Grill from Cave Tools

We grill a lot!  And by a lot I mean hubby even grills when it rains whether that means moving the grill slightly in the garage, under the porch, or toughing it out in the rain.  Don't worry... We haven't burnt the house down (yet). Just kidding!

Lately, I've been looking for anything to make hubby's day a little easier and grill tools are right up his ally.  Anything to do with the grill or being outside is perfect for him so I knew Cave Tools would be a hit. 

I ordered him these metal meat claws from Cave Tools and was really surprised at how sturdy and well made they actually are.  The slightly curved claw is made of a thick and strong stainless steal making them great for picking up large pieces of meat out of the crock pot or off the grill.

 These made lifting the chicken out of the crock pot SOOOOOO much easier yesterday when I made grandma's sticky chicken.  The black plastic handle is also easy to hold and grip on to.

Hubby used them this weekend when he grilled and was able to shredded the meat within about a minute compared to about 5 to 10 that it would have taken with a large fork and knives.  Yes, they are sharp even considering the very straight edged cut design.  If you have been following along, you know my kids are pretty reckless so I'll be keeping the box they came in to store them so one they don't get lost and two the kids don't reach in a drawer and scrape the snot out of themselves.  Anyone else's kids just go 90 to nothing some days?

These metal meat claws definitely do what they are supposed to do!  Turns out I'll be using them too even though they were "for hubby".  Be sure to check them out at the following links and think about Dad... Is your Dad a griller? Or is Mom the cook of the house?  These are great for both of us!

Use the following coupon code for 15% off your order:  MEATCLAW15

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  1. Thank you so much for this!! I will have to tell my hubby I need this when he buys me a new grill. He is buying me one as soon as the pavers are done and we can put the grill there. :)

  2. Those look perfect for shredding meat for the crockpot or as a gift for Dad! Great Ideas, thank u!!