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We love the opportunity to try new products, ya know the ones that when your grocery shopping you wouldn't be reaching for on the shelves because you've never tried THAT before.  We have a tendency of grabbing the same noodles, the same BBQ sauce, the same drinks and snacks every shopping trip because that's what we're used to.  We as a society are creatures of habit, unfortunately.  So when we find a company that forces us outside our comfort zones with grocery products that we would actually use, I get kinda excited to share that with all of you.

Degustabox does just that! Degustabox introduced us to several companies that we hadn't heard of before.  Ones of which I have to admit we will be looking for in the future for. 

So what's the deal?  For $19.99 a month you get 9-14 different full sized or sample products.  Degustabox is a subscription box that helps you try new products each and every month.

Hows the variety? The May Degustabox included a drink, candy, sauces, snacks, a meal, and an element of a meal.  There's really enough products to keep you busy for a couple of days for sure!

Let's touch base on some of the products.   Post grape-nuts trail mix Crunch Cranberry Vanilla cereal is a healthy breakfast when you want something sweet, crunchy, and simple.  With Baby Kolton I welcome an easy bowl of cereal that I can prepare and eat in just a few minutes because I never know when he's gonna let'r rip and need me.  We haven't had the opportunity to try the Explore Cuisine chickpea pasta yet.  I'm going to make that this weekend!  But the Goya green salsa and Rufus Teague BBQ sauce were amazing! Hubby has put the Goya green salsa on everything from his eggs to steak.  He is such a hot sauce kinda guy and this salsa has a ton of flavor.  Everyone has loved Rufus Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce that we've only had the bottle a week and it's almost gone!  The kids and I have put it on chicken, a pork loin, and used it for dipping chicken nuggets and fries.  I love the sweet smokey flavor and we will be looking for it in our next shopping trip.

I've never been a potato chip gal until the last couple of years.  The Deep River Snacks Sweet Maui Onion baked chips were great!  They are a thick crunchy potato chip with an actual sweet and salty flavor.  They are sweeter than the traditional sweet onion chip and just seem to have so much more flavor! Deep River Snacks is another product we will be replacing our current chips with if I can find them in the market. Indiana Kettlecorn and the Cello Whisps were also a great variety snacks to include in the Degustabox.  Who doesn't like trying new snacks?

Oh but I've always been a sweets girl.... and the Goya Marla Cookies were awesome!  They are like a grahm cracker cookie and were great with my coffee in the morning, and as a snack before bed.  Degustabox includes an information pamphet with their box and it states these are from Spain.  I love them!!!  And totally appreciate the information pamphlet that tells us the cost of each product and a little information on it.  These cookies for the entire package which I regret to inform you was torn when I devoured the cookies, was only $.89 cents!  The package of cookies actually took me a couple days to eat so ya can't beat all that for $.89 cents!  I should have been more careful...

 So while we're talking about sweets....  Not one but two coupons for Zaffi Taffy the Clean Teeth Taffy.  I just thought it was yummy, I didn't realize the "candy" had a purpose...  Sugar free, gluten free, nut-free, dairy-free, (hey Tator can eat this!) Vegan, and kosher and made right here in the states.  Interesting enough, I loved the samples and am off to Walgreens this afternoon to use my coupons!  I'm not sure I'll be able to use as directed for clean teeth as they were kinda yummy and more suitable as a snack. ;)   Oh and the Karma Probiotics water, I couldn't really tell it was just flavored water.  It has so much more flavor than traditional flavored water.  Infused with 10X more Probiotics than yogurt it will totally be on our shopping list for daily use and when the kids get sick.  The doctor always says push yogurt or supplement with a probiotic powder. This water in my opinion is a way better option.

So, how does the Degustabox stand up?  Well if your looking for the opportunity to try new products and have them delivered right to your door, check them out at the following links;

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