Playing Outdoors with Zoom Ball Hydro

 A few weeks ago we got this Zoom Ball from Goliath Games and the kids have been dying to try it out!  I finally gave in and heck I even got out there with everyone to play with it.  But if you look really really close, see the word "Hydro" on the box?  Yup, you can unscrew that blue middle ball figure and a stinking water balloon goes in there!  Oh my goodness!!  

The package comes with 5 water balloons which is enough to get started but that's about it.  We luckily had some quick fill water balloons from Amazon that I love!  I'll stick that link below.

The kids love the Zoom Ball!  In case you haven't seen one before, each end has two handles on two ropes that when spread send the blue ball canister to the person on the other end.  Hubby and I got carried away and were trying to see who could send it back and forth the fastest without it hitting the handles.  Yea yea, that's not really how your supposed to play this one but hey it held up!

The boys had fun trying to send it to each other and hoping the water balloon inside would bust.  Look at their faces! What goofs!  The funny part is, you never really know when the balloon was going to break so they would send it back to the other as fast as they could! 

Overall, I wish it had more water balloons with it, but balloons are cheap that's no big deal! The Zoom Ball Hydro got everyone outside playing together and laughing when the balloons bust, or when the boys were trying to let it land right in front of their faces without hitting the handles.  I should have recorded that one for ya! LOL

The kids have played with the Zoom Ball several times now and it's still holding up against my monsters.  I'm sure it's going to get plenty of use over the summer!  Check out the Zoom Ball Hydro at the following links and don't forget the balloons!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Such a great toy to play with in the summer!

  2. This looks so much fun! I might have to get one for my little sisters to play with in the summer!

  3. I swear I played with something like this as a kid. I remember it being a lot of fun!

  4. This reminds me of like a hot potato type of game. I bet it was a load of fun anticipating when the balloon would break and on who. Great way to get the kids outside and laughing :) Pretty economical as well.

  5. Nice post, the zoom ball hydro looks so fun! Great family day. I’m always looking for ways to get the family together and having fun.

  6. That Zoom Ball from Goliath Games looks so fun to use! This is perfect for summer time for sure!

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