Scooping up poo with Doggie Doo

Holy smokes Goliath Games really cracks me up!  Check out Doggie Doo and you guessed it, the dog takes a doo doo! Yup, that's the concept, make your puppy poop! 
I really do love giving the kids new games because I love seeing them work together to learn the concepts, put it together, and at least giving it a couple rounds.  They usually play well together for at least a little while.  Well, until they don't.  
Jeramiah and Layla dug out Doggie Doo which is a super easy concept 2-5 player game.  The dog farts, and farts, and farts until woops, there's poop!  You make the puppy poo and the first to 3 poops win!    This one's a really easy game if your needing something for the little kids.  The box says 4 and up but I would just think it depends on your child.  I do wish it came with more poop.  Crazy right?  But have you heard that my kids are sometimes turds?  Maison decided he wanted to play too and went right up to the dog and tried shoving the poop in rather than reading the directions.  He broke one of the squishy poops right off the bat so it doens't make farting noises or suck through as easy as the others.  Figures... Now I'll be buying more poop.  Oh my goodness these kids!  

Anyways.... Anyone need an easy game?  Check it out!  We're adding it to our game chest! 

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  1. This seems like a nice book to read. I would like my niece and nephews to read it.