Step out of the box with EarFleek

I got the cutest pair of earrings last week from EarFleek last week and learned something new!

So for $3.49 a month, that's the complete total with shipping, you can gift yourself or someone else a cute pair of earrings every single month!  Signing up is super easy.  You can pick the style of earrings you would like to receive or you can choose a random package.  Plus they have a prepay option which gives you a little bit of a discount.

I choose Minimalist but Groovy and this is the pair of earrings I received.  They came in a protective pouch which was great because we've received jewelry before that's been tangled up or damaged from shipping.  They are cute as can be but I'm a little old fashion and believe in earring backs.  I emailed EarFleek and they said these were "Threaders".  OK I admit it, I googled threader earrings and was actually in awww that I had not noticed these before.  Oh my goodness have I been hiding under a rock?!  So check out what I can do with threaders!  You can just tug on them a little bit to change the entire look!  I love it!

For $3.49 you can't really go wrong with EarFleek.  I would have NEVER bought these earrings for myself but I'm so glad I received them from EarFleek.  And I think that's what makes subscription boxes so much fun!  It's all about trying new things and stepping out of the box... or into a subscription box for that matter.

So if you don't like surprises, they have an endless selection of earrings you can purchase directly from the website.  With all the variety and countless pairs of earrings, it would be pretty hard not to find something to suite your wants and needs.  Check out EarFleek at the following links;

Website   Facebook   Twitter    Instagram    Pinterest 

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