Sleep ZZZ Pillow- Helping kids fall asleep and stay asleep

Isn't she sweet?  This picture was taken when I woke up before the kids after they decided to camp outside under the stars.  I never thought they would stay out there all night but here they are sleeping peacefully as the morning comes to life.  Gosh I love living in the back roads!

Of course the camp-out was not without it's necessities one of which is that super soft Sleep Zzz Pillow.  I got it for her just a little over a month ago when Kolton got his new nursing pillow and she has slept with it every single night since!  (Regardless of inside or out!)

The Sleep Zzz Pillow is kinda like a body pillow for kids but wraps around them making them feel snuggled inside which promotes falling asleep faster and less waking up in the middle of the night.  The stuffed "arms" of the pillow can also act as a buffer and help prevent a little one from falling off the bed, or at least rolling around all over the place. 

As the parent, I like how easy it is to wash.  The cover is easily removable and washable.  We wash it just as often as the rest of her sheets and blankets without any trouble.  I also like that the cover is removable because when she decides to change the colors of her room or bedding, I can simply order a new cover and it's going to match.  No need to order a whole new pillow! 

I don't mind the kids having those "special items" they just can't sleep without.  Especially when those special items help them stay asleep at night.  Layla was getting up a couple times a week for whatever reason and I think in the past month since she's had this pillow she's only came to our room once.  That's a win in my book!  Check out Sleep Zzz Pillow at the following links.  And if your in the market for a great nursing pillow, check out Kolton's One Z Nursing Pillow.  He uses it for EVERYTHING!

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  1. This is such a sweet idea! I love that it helps them get a more restful sleep. I'll be sharing this with all of my parent friends - I think they would adore this. Thank you tons for sharing <3

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