3 Ingredient Strawberry Dump Desert

This has become by far one of our favorite deserts to make.  It's so cheap, so easy, and super quick! Strawberries were on sale this week for a dollar a pack making this desert costing less than $5!

We've seen different variations of the recipe most of which call for making a bed of whole graham crackers on each layer and then letting it set for at least 4 hours to soften.  I'm usually in too big of a hurry or WAY to impatient to wait that long.  So we made some adjustments.

First we made homemade graham crackers because they are incredibly easy and when I saw hubby pay over $3 a for one box I about died! I'll post that recipe later on today don't worry. And if I can make it.... Anyone can!

For this Strawberry Dump you need three things, strawberries cut up, whipped cream, and those good ol' graham crackers.

I put a laywer of whipped cream on the bottom so it would help hold everything together when it's time for serving.  Then  I crumbled up some of those graham crackers as the second layer.  I crumbled up my graham crackers for every layer to eliminate the need for it to sit and soak up.  This made it way easier to serve as well because we weren't fighting to break up the solid crackers.  Trust me, we tried both ways. ;)

Then you guessed it, top off with some strawberries.   Then you just keep adding layers of cool-whip, graham crackers, and strawberries until you have your desired about of desert.  I told you this one was super easy!!

For my top layer I just sprinkled a real light amount of graham cracker crumbs to make it pretty and topped with an extra layer of strawberries. This makes for a very presentable desert that will be gone in a flash!

  I picked this casserole dish because we were going to a neighborhood dinner and I figured it would be big enough to offer the right amount of servings.  But you can make this in any dish or bowl.  As a matter a fact, when we got home, I made hubby and I a bowl of it in just a couple of minutes.  What a sweet little bedtime treat!

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