A match made from Heaven: Lady & Little Bug w/ Grandpa's Last Quilt

Oh my gawsh.......... Is he just not the cutest ever! Happy Three Months to Baby Kolton!  I can't believe how fast the days are going and I know it's not gonna slow down anytime soon.  He loves to be in the water, is sleeping through the night and is our precious little chipmunk with those sweet sweet cheeks! 

So what did we do for Baby Kolton's three month pictures?  It was a hard one that's for sure.  

 My grandfather passed away just a couple months ago and I remember the last time he stopped by he said he was taking a quilt to the quilt shop in Arkansas so I gave them a call.  Sure enough the quilt was still there waiting to be finished, paid for and picked up. Of course I couldn't walk away from it so we scraped up the money and headed south.  

The pepper quilt was beautiful!  We have no true idea who this quilt was supposed to be for as Grandma and Grandpa were always gifting their creations but the best guess is this was probably one for Grandpa to keep for himself as he loved peppers.  I can remember giving him glass jars filled with decorative peppers for Christmas many many times.  Yea real original right?  Grandpa passed away just a few weeks after Kolton was born so we found it fitting for this quilt to be Kolton's.  

With perfect timing, Lady & Little Bug offered to make us an outfit for Kolton and sent us a couple of their newest fabric selections.  I saw the peppers and just knew that was the one!  

The Chili Pepper Organic Romper is made from 100% American organic cotton and the first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft it is to the touch!  You can request three different sleeve styles from Lady & Little Bug and I asked for sleevless as we are in the heart of the mid-west where some nights are still cool but the mornings are sultry and hot! Oh I dislike Missouri humidity for sure!  

The bright watercolor chilies are highlighted with gold and orange accents and make for an adorable summer outfit!  I am so in love with the design it's almost like a match made in heaven.  I guess anything's possible right?  It's obvious it was mean to be.  

Although Kolton is just turning 3 months old in these pictures, he weighed 16 pounds so we ordered the 6-9 month romper which fit him really well.  This style allowed us to simply slide him into the outfit through the neck opening without fussing with buttons or snaps.  I love the roomy design which is great for our new adventure in cloth diapers.  Oh yea that's coming up soon too!  I'll let you know how it goes!  

Lady & Little Bug has some super cute materials in which you can browse through in their catalog and they offer a large selection of clothing products that are great for the little ones!  Drop by and check them out at the following links;

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