Another Great DebustaBox

It's official, we're hooked on DegustaBox!  Check out the July box that we received a couple weeks ago!  Once again, the DegustaBox was full of goodies including snacks, treats, and things to cook with!  We couldn't be more thrilled with the variety of products especially since we hadn't ever tried most of them.  

So how did it go this last week testing out the goodies? Did you know there's actually chocolate that doesn't melt in the summer heat? Goetze's Candy Co has these Chocolate Caramel Creams and they were great!  They reminded hubby and I both of a chocolate cow tail for those of you that were wondering.  Oh and they're available at Walmart so we shouldn't have any trouble finding more on our next grocery trip. 

Snacks snacks and more snacks!  Snacks are always great because there are some days I swear the kids could eat me out of house and home.  Wise Snacks included several bags of Extra Cheesy Cheez Doodles and they were definitely extra cheesy!  They were slightly more crunchy than your traditional cheese puff snack but just packed with flavor.  Chomps included one of their Original Turkey Sticks.  Sadly there was only one and we will have to look for some more.  They're made with 100% free range turkey packed with 10g of protein these are a good snack for our growing boys as well!

I promise we shared the Loacker cocoa wafers. Remember the cheap wafer cookies we all had when we were little?  These are like the adult version.  DegustaBox includes a flyer describing each of their box contents and they described these little boogers best.  "The intense cocoa taste of three light, crispy wafers forms a union with tender flavor of two layers of delicate high quality Loaker milk cream filling."  They nailed it right on the head there!  These little wafer cookies were great!

The kids have really been cooking it up lately and trying new recipes.  It helps pass the days without conflict and keeps them entertained.  We decided to give the Aiya Matcha a try since it was one of the last products to get opened.  What is Matcha?  "Matcha is a shade-grown, powdered Japanese green tea made from the finest green tea leaves".  Don't worry I didn't know either... But that's the point of the DegustaBox, trying new things! The information cards are wonderful in helping us understand the different products, but this one came with a milk shake recipe so sure why not! Especially since it was so easy!  
Matcha Milkshake
2 Cups vanilla ice cream
2 Aiya Matcha Zen Cafe Blend Sticks
1/2 Cup milk
and any added toppings like nuts or whipped cream
*Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender (we used our compact bullet), add toppings and enjoy! Can it get any easier?

Now we can't forget the traditional items that were included in the July Degustabox.  These are the staple items that help us step outside the box and introduce us to different brands and products pulling us out of the same ol rutein that we fall in when grocery shopping.  The Chipotle Mayonnaise is already about half gone.  Hubby likes it so much he's been using it on all his sandwiches for work throughout the week.  The Lee Kum Kee Plum sauce is a great topping for some baked chicken!  Wow! and the Uncle Dougies BBQ sauce, straight from up the road in KC adds a sweet kick to a slab of ribs!  

The July DegustaBox was packed full of great products again.  I truly don't know how anyone could pass up this monthly subscription box that continuously adds staples to our pantry and great snacks for everyone to enjoy.  We love the opportunity to try new products and change up our traditional recipes every month with the different surprises that have been shipped to us!

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