Easy 2 Minute Icing

I've been doing a lot more baking lately and a necessity when you make sweets is of course some simple icing.  

I've never been much of an icing maker because it never turns out for me.  I get frustrated and give up or just go get some store bought.  But this morning I found this recipe and it worked the way I needed it to.   Just look at these cinnamon rolls I made for breakfast! So, I figured I would share with my adjustments.    

I love that I can make this frosting as thick or thin as I would like with the milk.  Just be sure to add only a little at a time so you get your desired consistency. 

  1. Mix the confectioners' sugar, softened butter, and vanilla together.
  2. Add half tablespoon of milk at first and stir to make thick glaze.  Add remaining milk to get desired consistency, but only adding a few drops at a time.   
  3. Spread or pour immediately over cooled cinnamon rolls, pastries, pound cakes, or Danish.
  4. Glaze will form a crust and harden as it cools, but you can spread over warmed cakes and serve that way as well. 

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