I gave in and use the Monet, but it sure is handy!

If you've ever seen my phone, you know that one I'm a little clumsy and two my phone has seen better days.  I've dropped that poor phone more times than I can count and yet I just can't convince myself to get a new one.  I mean come on... I'm just gonna break the new one too...

I've seen the kids use the pop sockets which are this round button like thing that attaches to the back of your electronic and I just couldn't get myself to do it.  They look bulky like they would get snagged going in and out of my pocket.  But now I'm so glad I waited out the pop socket trend!  I was recently introduced to the Monet, which not only helps me keep a grip on my phone, but it's also a thin wallet and a lot more functional!

The Monet attaches to any phone, tablet, or ipod in a snap.  Just make sure you clean them with a little alcohol first to remove any oils or dirt from your devise.  I put mine on my extra phone I use on the wifi and Layla uses one on her tablet.

The sleek design with the pocket holds cash, debit/credit cards, and just about anything you can fit in there.

The slide where you stick your fingers in for the extra grip snaps into place.  I love how strong the slide is because it acts as a kickstand if you don't want to hold your phone or in Layla's case her tablet.  It helps set it upright on the table which eliminates her "having to hold" the tablet.  Why is that a good thing?  Because now when she's watching her shows the tablet is a couple feet in front of her rather than right in her hands.  It's a win win for sure!

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