A Better Nights Sleep with AuCuTee White Noise Machine

Sleep?  What's sleep? Who needs sleep with a perfectly adorable 5 month old who's awake at 330 in the morning like clockwork.... I have to admit, I'm kinda tired but that's just part of it right?

So we're on the search for a little assistance while we're working on this sleeping through the night thing.  One day... One day I'll remember what a full nights sleep is.

One thing we're trying is a white noise sound machine we ordered off Amazon from AuCuTee and it's finally here!

The AuCuTee noise machine fits really well on the nightstand between our bed and the crib which is perfect so Baby Kolton doesn't wake when we're stirring about in the room.  I did have a phone charger plugged in there but luckily the noise machine has not one but two USB ports for charging!  *Ya know the important details.... And really if it didn't we would have had to either get an extension cord or put it somewhere else so this really is a great feature!

The white noise (kinda like a constant fan without hair blowing in your face) gradually gets louder after about 5 minutes to promote a more peaceful transition into sleep.  I feel like if it didn't then I wouldn't turn it up loud enough to make a difference because it would be more distracting than comforting and I would end up turning it off without giving it a chance.

There are two different basic volume settings though. Then the top twist back and forth to expose slats and holes in the design which allow the volume to be adjusted within those two settings as well.  I love how easy the volume is to adjust even if your only about half awake!

If you look over at the 30 - 60 button, you can see there's an automatic shut off timer as well.  The middle will allow the noise machine to run continuously and then of course you can choose a timed setting if you wish.  Another easy feature to adjust in the middle of the night!

With any luck and some wishful thinking.... Maybe this sleep thing will get better.  I've had it on today while Kolton's been napping and he's not stirring around nearly as much.  I'll be sure to give you an update!

In the mean time, if your looking for a white noise machine or just something to block out a little background noise this AuCuTee White Noise Machine is definitely worth giving a try!  Check it out at the following links;

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