A little reading outside is good for the soul

Just as it always does, summer is slipping away from us.  But I actually think that I'm ok with that.  As the temperatures are cooling down just a bit, we're able to spend more quality time outside. I welcome fall that's for sure!  The extra time outside has been letting me get so many projects done that I can't wait to share with all of you!

One thing I've finally got to do is settle down with The Study Bible for Women BH Publishing.Of course I'm not getting through this almost 2000 page Study Bible in a couple of days or even months but I figured I would go ahead and share what I've found so far so you can also enjoy a couple of peaceful mornings on the porch engaged in the word of God. (if that's your thing of course)

This Study Bible is actually pretty impressive.  The tuquoise and sand colored hard back is really pretty and offers a great presentation if you were to give this as a gift.  I've been so dissapointed lately with the quality of some hardback books that I was really surprised at how nice, sturdy, and durable this one seems to be.

Right out of the box, I didn't really know what to expect.  Here's this 2000 page book which can be totally overwhelming and I'm thinking what have I got myself into...   But even the first few pages offer some self discovery and throughout the entire book, the pages are bright, colorful, and very engaging.

 There's over 6,000 extensive study notes that really help you follow along and offer great interpretation.  In addition to the burst of color throughout the book, The Study Bible also offers full colored maps for guidance through the lessons.

I've got a long ways to go before I've even made a dent in this Study Bible for Women, but I welcome the task!  This is a great asset for self discovery and scripture.

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