Off through the trails with a new FunSparks Speaker

The boys are always looking for new speakers and headphones... I'll never understand how they go through so many other than there's a lot of sticky fingers in school.  At least that's their excuse and it's really kinda sad.  They can't take anything to school without the risk of it "walking away".  Isn't that horrible?

We'll it's the first week of school already and I know how much they depend on music to keep them motivated, just like momma.  I was thrilled to see a package from FunSparks that included this wireless bluetooth speaker, and so were they!

This little speaker is perfect for personal use.  The silicon case is super durable which gives me a little bit of confidence in allowing the kids to use it.  First thing Jeramiah did was use the loop on it to attach it to his bike and he was off to the trails.  After I told him he could keep it, I turned around and found it on his backpack ready to go wherever he desires.   It attaches very well  and the silicon design makes taking it on the trails through the woods more break and shock resistant.  Plus, it's water resistant!

The charge on it is pretty strong lasting for several hours before needing a power boost.  But the USB cord plugs in perfectly to one of the power-banks making it accessable even longer when away from the house.  He may never return.....

So what makes it different than other "little speakers"?  The quality of the sounds is great!  We can hear it clearly across the yard and if you've followed us for long you know our yard is HUGE.

Not only is the speaker blue-tooth, but there's a spot for an AUX cord, a USB cord, or a Micro SD port.  There's so many different ways to use this little speaker I'm really impressed they included all of them.

We received a nice care package from FunSparks and I've been browsing their website to check out what all they offer.  FunSparks seems to focus on outdoor activities which I think is great! I mean who wants kids hanging out in the house all the time... We have so much more to show you from FunSparks to stick around because we're totally excited to dig on in!

Be sure to go browse for yourself and let us know if you see anything you would like us to feature!

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