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Maison and Layla share a birthday by 1 day, so of course it had just become easier to have both parties at once.  We usually have them here at the house so the kids can run wild, swim, explore, shoot things ect.  As long as their getting along it's an afternoon well spent with family and friends.

I had been looking for some new outdoor games for the party next month and hit the jackpot with FunSparks! Usually I'll pick up a game here a game there and then put them all together after an entire afternoon of shopping.  Party planning can be exhausting for sure! But if you head over to the FunSparks website, you'll learn as quickly as I do, they got us covered!  They have everything!  We even reviewed a "cute little" speaker with some big sound a couple days ago!  (Read that review here)

As you can see, we have quite the collection already set up for the kids!  But I just couldn't wait to try out all these new games so we took them over to our neighbors BBQ and oh my goodness!  It's been a really long time since I've seen so many adults get up and engage in physical play!  It was so neat watching everyone enjoy the games!

Jeramiah set up the Lawn Darts first and these two couldn't help but join in and play from the porch.   The Lawn Darts come with a plastic rings you set up in the yard and simply aim and toss.

The game's super easy and a lot like horseshoe if you've never played.  I wouldn't say it's for anyone under 4 or 5 but it's definitely a game for almost all ages!  Lawn Darts also came with it's own carrying case so that's a super plus when it comes to organization (or preventing the kids from losing everything...).

Now the FunSparks Paddle Catch game's the one that surprised me.  I remember getting games like this for the boys when they were younger so there was no way they were gonna play with it now that there in their teen years.... I was wrong!  Such a traditional game, with an easy concept.  Toss the ball... Catch the ball... Easy right?  You would think, until one of the boys get's a wild arm and off into the woods they go to retrieve the ball.  It really was pretty fun to watch!  I did notice though that even after all evening of tearing the ball off the Velcro pad, the pads stayed intact and are still holding up well.  Again I was surprised because the paddle catch games I purchased years ago never held up through just a couple hours of play.

The Easy Disk Frisbee is a soft frisbee wrapped in nylon material and is great for the littles to learn how to play.  I'll have to get some more pictures of our tiny friends with this one at the party.  But it's comforting to know they can throw this around and even if it does hit someone, and I'm sure it will, it's not gonna hurt like the hard plastic ones.

Well as the evening went on, we realized most of these games are specifically for two players.  So what did everyone do?  Combine them of course!  We also received FunSparks Switch Ball game.  Now this was one I had never played before so I thought I would give it a whirl.  It's a lot harder than it looks!  Toss and throw... Same concept which is what made these games pair nicely, but with Switch Ball you have to catch and throw with those nets only holding onto your colored wands.  Now truth be told, those little nets will really REALLY launch the ball.... I even used mine to launch the dogs ball we got in our Pet Treater box and it flew!

Now I regret that I didn't get more pics of Jeramiah playing with this Return Ball. I remember having one of these I bought from a toy store in KC when I was about his age so it was kinda neat watching him play with the same toy I did when I was little.  Of course, I didn't offer any tips or tell him "how" to play with it because I was on the phone and he is about as patient as I am so have at it kiddo!  It's pretty simple if he would slow down and let me explain it.  The ball is on a long bungee type cord and you Velcro the other end around your wrist.  With a little practice you throw it and your able to catch it as it "returns".  But practice indeed.  I think he only whopped himself a couple times but eventually got pretty good at catching every throw.

And the last game we added to our BBQ & Party stash is FunSparks Deluxe Paddle Ball set.  As you can see, one of the yellow feathers made itself a new temporary home on the roof (speaking of now that it's raining I need to go see if it's come down yet!) but the boys really seemed to have a good time with this one as well.  They could use a little more coordination in their lives and it would be easier but hey practice makes perfect and this is a great game to help them develop that hand eye coordination.  Plus the two orange feathers you see, light up with LED bulbs so they are great as the sun's going down and it begins to get dark.  They totally add a new element to the game and keep the kids out there playing when they would have normally started pestering the adults they they're board...

It was really neat this weekend seeing everyone get up and play.  I can't wait to see how the kids do at the party!  More pics to come I promise!

In the mean time, check out FunSparks and all their great activities to keep your family busy at the following links.  There's seriously games for everyone of all ages!

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  1. Those products are a ton of fun! You have done an amazing job Ashley in your article and the pictures. One can get sucked into. :-)

  2. Looks like so much fun!

  3. Great idea mixing up the games! What a great way to include more than just 2 players!

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