TownleyGirl for our not so girly girl

Maison and Layla will celebrate their birthday's next month and that has encouraged me to do a little window shopping online. This year, I'm setting a goal to have little gifts for all the kids to take home, and endless activities for them to do while there here.  I figure, if I can keep all the kids entertained, with enough different activities, maybe just maybe.... the adults can have some peace. Wishful thinking right?

So I've been browsing online and looking for everything from party favors, to outdoor activities.  I came across TownleyGirl which has a little bit of everything we need for a successful day. TownleyGirl offers party favors, (everything from Incredibles to Emoji), make up and nail art kits, (that should keep the little girls busy for a little while) and even Play-Doh Body wash.  Who comes up with this stuff?  How neat!! Wouldn't it be cool to set up a table of girly things for the little stinkers to dig into?  
Now let me explain that, Layla.... is not a girly girl.  Layla enjoys sleeping outside, hunting wild animals, and swimming.  Oh boy does she love swimming.  But when she came home from her moms last week with sweet little watermelons painted on her fingernails I was in shock that she actually let someone paint her nails.  Good job Mom! So to find make up, nail polish, and all those "girly" things that she actually likes is kinda a task.  Last week, I found an Emoji hair bow and kinda shrugged it off to her secretly hoping she would want to wear it with one of her new emoji shirts. When she said yes, I was secretly jumping with joy inside!  

TownleyGirl is actually perfect for our not so girly girl! Check out this Incredibles 2 Lip Balm and Mirror set they sent her.  This cute little set came with 2 lip balms, a sheet of super cool nail stickers, and this Incredibles 2 hand mirror.  

The shimmery lip balms came in two flavors; rose bubble gum and purple grape.  And although the grape is PURPLE it's not a tinting purple which makes both these lip balms perfect for her to throw in her pencil bag at school so she always has them.  

The nail art and the mirror are perfect for the "girls table".  I'll throw a little clear gloss out there with those nail stickers and the girls can have at it!  The mirror, although plastic, seems like it will hold up against our little monsters, ummm I mean, sweet princess angels.

TownleyGirl also sent us their bling bling townleygirl pen and a folder.   Layla can always use another folder and since this one is so thick and sturdy it will be perfect for those extra papers from 3rd grade.  And what's a folder without a matching pen.  Every little girl needs some "diamonds" in her life!  

Check out TownleyGirl and all their neat products at the following links.  They even offer gift cards!

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  1. Love this post, it's for all types of girls not just princesses! TownleyGirl.com

  2. My daughter would love this stuff!