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You would think after 2 years, I would be used to the amount work it takes to maintain our huge yard snuggled deep in the woods.  But it's not as much the yard as the chickens, pigs, puppies, flower beds, and gardens.  Country life sure is a bit different than living in town.  I mean, sure I don't truly have to keep the yard as perfect as I would like but it's a habit that I'm not really willing to give up.  I don't know about you, but I like pulling up to our home and it being nice and tidy inside and out.

And now that the kids are back in school, it's time to do some deep cleaning again!  I always feel better walking outside and knowing that everything's just a little more organized and a little more where it's supposed to be.  Even if it really is a never ending job. 

But this gives us the prefect opportunity to try out our new UpCard Deluxe! This beefy "dolly" type tool is one of my new favorites!  Out with the old and in with the new because I will never use a traditional dolly again.  Look at our traditional dolly, it's big, bulky, there's no easy way to store it, and it isn't as easy to maneuver around like the UpCart!  Then of course is our little wagon.  I bought that right after we moved out here.  It's taken a beating for sure!  The kids use it to haul wood and trash  among other yard task but it's quite funny when it takes two of them to push it through the yard because of our rough terrain.  

When I first took it out of the box, I noticed how heavy and sturdy the entire support system appeared.  Look at these teeth and how thick the heavy duty aluminum is.  The UpCart Deluxe is ranked to support up to 125lbs but the heavy duty aluminum design lightens the weight resistance making it easier to move heavy items.

The UpCart Deluxe is really easy to use.  Granted I had to read the directions before opening it, but that's just the blond in me I'm sure! A little common sense goes a long way and I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet this morning.

I was able to open and close the UpCart with a little push from my foot.  Even with sandals on I had no trouble opening and closing the cart once I realized I couldn't put weight on the wheels while trying to do so.  Again, I need more coffee....  But seriously, once I figured it out, it was so easy and really neat how a little push opens everything right on up.

The handle raises with a easy squeeze into three different positions, closed, and then raised up two more times.  The tallest setting is a little tall for me, but that would be great for someone who is taller than I am of course.  And seeing how it slides down into a much shorter position shows me that the UpCart is great for people of all sizes and abilities.

How did the UpCart hold up for our chores?  The other day we had some blow up storms that ended up leading into a couple tornados. Crazy Missouri weather.....  With that being said it was a race to get all the animal feed and my craft stuff moved out of the way in the garage so we could get the car in there and hopefully avoid the hail.  Mission accomplished but now it's time to move everything back.  I got work to do!

First thing I loaded up on my UpCart Deluxe was a metal trash can of feed.  These are generally pretty heavy and I usually leave them for the boys to lug around but I'm inpaitent and it's time to get the garage put back.  I pushed the feed up on the UpCart's raised base and used the included bungee cord to secure it to the cart.  I kind of wondered if it would tip on over, but here it is resting as perfectly as can be.

I don't have full fledged stairs out here but thresholds raised above gravel and a pretty rough terrain.  The threshold that usually gives me trouble with the traditional dolly was no match against the UpCart.  The bottom wheel recognized the step in the way and the wheel mechanism rolled on over to sit gracefully on the step that I would have normally had to tug and pull a dolly across.  There was almost no effort at all getting the feed can back into the garage.  I was super delighted at how easy the UpCart made moving this can around!

There's a couple different versions of the UpCart available on their website to order so why did we choose the Deluxe version?  Since we will primarily be using the UpCart around the yard and outside moving things too and from the car, like all those bags of feed, we choose the Deluxe version for the raised platform design.  The raised platform will be great to keep things off the wet muddy ground or protect my craft tubs when I'm taking them to the fairs.

The UpCart also folds up nicely which is great for storage and not taking up a bunch of room when I need to take it in the car with me.  In comparasion to the traditional dolly, the UpCart folds up to a fraction of the size!  Not only can I store it on a single nail hanging from the wall, but it fits gracefully in the car as well! 

I love my new UpCart Deluxe and would recomend one for anyone who needs a little help carrying things from one place to another!  Even if it's groceries from the car, this beefy little mover is a great asset to daily living!

Be sure to check out the UpCart Deluxe and other models at the following links.  Let us know which one would be a great fit in your home!

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