We shared our Pet Treater box this month!

We had a lot of fun with our Pet Treater box this month!  
Each month, we have to pick up our Pet Treater box from the post office as we're about a mile from our mail box and this is one of those boxes that just doesn't fit.  Since I finally had the opportunity to run to town Saturday, our Pet Treater box was still in the car when we headed on over to our neighbors BBQ.  We really have the best neighbors anyone could ask for.  

So anyways, how is all this relevant?  We got to share our Pet Treater box this weekend with the neighbors German Shepherd. I love that there's so many items in every box we can share without worrying that we're gonna run out! Besides, isn't he just beautiful?!  We actually took him the pink ball from last month's Pet Treater box too!  (read about that here) He had so much fun chasing them around over and over.  I think it was just as entertaining to watch everyone throw the ball for him too because it was getting the kids and adults up and out of their chairs.   Who knew dogs could be so activity encouraging?  Tally and Moxie are just too old I suppose to run like this guy does.  

 Well by the time I got home to do a complete review of our Pet Treater box, it was missing a few things.  So please excuse my picture above for missing this months toys.  Sweet puppy preferred last months pink ball over the blue one but I liked the blue one because it seemed a little easier to get out of his mouth (haha he couldn't get the whole thing in there!)  He wasn't too interested in the Frisbee but I'm sure because he's still a puppy he just hasn't learned yet.  The Frisbee was neat because it lights up in the center when activated with movement.  Both of these toys are made of heavy duty durable material that I'm sure we'll see them around for awhile even against this big guy!

How about the treats this month?  We received Grannies Apple Recipe Crisps which actually didn't look too great, but they are all natural USA Sourced ingredients with 100% real fruit and no wheat, corn or soy.  I was actually impressed that their ingredients included only foods I would eat.  Not saying I'm gonna test out these snacks for myself but there's only ingredients in them I would actually find in my cupboards so that's comforting.  Plus Tally and Moxie both loved them!   In addition to the snacks we received Travis Brorsen's Greatest American Dog Treats.  See a trend here?  These treats are also made here in the United States and contain only one single ingredient, All natural 100% BEEF!  It's definitely rewarding to know your feeding your fur babies real foods and treats and not stuff that's processed in the giant mills.  I've lived in a town with those mills and they smell anything other than delightful!

Now the Jiminy's Chewy Training Treats are not so "right from my baking cubbords".   Can you guess what their special ingredient is?  Just think about it... "Jiminy's"  Like Jiminy Cricket!  You guessed it, these Jiminy's treats contain crickets!
The Charlee Bear Bear Crunch treats are also an all Natural Grain Free Dog Treat in Bacon and Blueberry flavor.  Plus they are only 3 calories per treat.  Which can be essential for some overweight dogs.

One of the cool things I found in this month's Pet Treater box was this magnet recipe card and silicone treat shape maker.  Pet Treater included a recipe for Pupsicles that are super easy to make.  They include mashed bananas, peanut butter, honey, and yogurt.  We're out of bananas but I can't wait to use the mold to make the girls some treats!  What a great idea Pet Treater!

And last but not least, Look!  Pet Treater included a human gift this month!  Aren't they sweet?  We've been receiving the Pet Treater box for several months now and this is the second time we received a human gift!  It's nice to receive a subscription box for the puppies but also receive something for us as well.

There's always such a neat and high quality selection in each and every Pet Treater box.  We love our monthly subscription and can't wait to see what's in next month.

Until then, the girls will be enjoying all these delicious healthy treats!

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