A beautiful party food table with the plateshoppe

Party planning really can be stressful between and one goal I always set is to get everything completly done before our guest arrive. Of course that's never the way it works out but sometimes I can get close and minimize the amount of time I'm away from our guest.

One thing I attempted this year was to have all the food prepared and ready to go before our guest arrived. That so-so worked...

Thanks to the plateshoppe, we have these adorable hand painted plates plates and platters. My thought process? Well as these yummy treats get gobbled up, I'm not left with a random bowl here and a random plate there. This beautiful fiesta design is just fine being left on the table until I'm ready to clean up after the evening.

The plateshoppe produces these durable break resistant melamine plates and platters right here in the United States. They are of course made from non-toxic material and are BPA free. The craftsmanship is beautiful! 

Can I say one more time though that they are break resistant?  That's HUGE!  Especially considering I did use a couple bowls yesterday and of course broke one of them.  I'm just a little clumsy at times, and the kids aren't any better.  At times I think I'll never have anything pretty around the house until the kids are grown and gone because if it can get broke, it will....  These plates are great for our household!  

We've actually been getting quite a bit of use out of them and they are holding up really well.  And yes, one of the boys has already managed to drop a plate on the tile floor.  But not a single scratch! 

Hubby and I also really enjoy the 15 ounce coffee cups.  I bring attention to the 15 ounces because in the morning we like to sneak outside to the swing for our morning coffee.  The bigger mugs are great because that means less trips back in the house for a refill and less chances of waking the kids back up.  

The bright floral design is really pretty on these ceramic mugs which are dishwasher and microwave safe.  I never realized how cheery a mug could could make you first thing in the morning, but a good cup of coffee, in a beautiful cup, with a good honey beside ya is the perfect way to start the day!

Check out the plateshoppe at the following links and let us know what your favorite designs are!  I really can't tell you enough how beautiful these pieces are so I'll share a few more designs below from The artwork is beautiful!!
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