Back to the Classics with Cubbie Lee Toy Company

So I kinda have to admit, I was a little sad when I opened these toys from Cubbie Lee Toy Company.  Instantly I was reminded of the classic wooden toys my sister and I received as a child from our grandparents.  Boy that brought back some memories.  The Wooden  Pull Along Zebra reminded me of a flapper duck on a stick.  Ya pushed it along and the wheels were the ducks feet.  Gosh we played with that for hours.... I'm so glad I found Cubbie Lee Toy Company so Kolton can have such great wooden classic toys too! 

Oh just look at him with the Ring Stacking Penguin. He loved how colorful it was and played with it for the longest time! I love bringing him outside for some fresh air and actually having something keep his attention besides me. But he is the sweetest!

The ring stacking toys are one of those classic toys that's been around forever and ever because they are so great for physical and mental development. The bright colors are encouraging and I'm thrilled that this simple toy can help him develop those fine motor skills.

Cubbie Lee Toy Company takes the quality of their toys to another level. They use a third party lab to test their toys and guarantee them safe plus every toy either meets or exceeds the regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. I thought that was pretty neat and kinda feel guilty for purchasing toys that don't meet these regulations. It was really something to think about.
The craftsmanship and quality in these Cubbie Lee toys is top notch. They are super smooth and very appropriate for Kolton. I don't have to worry about him bonking himself with a sharp corner or edge and they are just the right thickness for him to hold with a steady grip. It's like they were made just for him! 

I guess I couldn't stay sad for long.  I loved watching him play with this Pull Along Zebra too.  He was just fascinated with the turning wheels and the body of the zebra.  It's so much fun to watch him grow and learn!

You have to check out Cubbie Lee Toy Company for yourself!  Not only are their toys incredible, but they also offer a 5 year guarantee that if anything does happen to go wrong with your toy, their fix it or replace it. Your purchases are risk free!  Can you say that about other toy companies?

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