Birthday Party Fun with Townleygirl

We had a little birthday party fun this weekend and I have so much to tell you about now that the kids have opened all their gifts and the crazy has settled down a little bit.  

Miss Layla actually enjoyed some more girly gifts this year!  And I really have Townleygirl to thank for that.  We started off about a month ago reviewing for Townleygirl and little by little have been introducing her back into the girly things like nail polish and make up.  This sweet little turkey plays in the dirt, barefoot, on a tire swing, up in the trees, through the woods, watching for deer.  I mean she is country as country gets but she plays!  She's not glued to an electronics 24/7 
and if she can be outside she is. 

So it's been hard to keep her interested in the girly things like nail polish because that would mean she would need to slow down just a tad bit to get dolled up. Not because she doesn't like it, but because she doesn't want to stop playing. 
Townleygirl lets her do both and the variety of their products is amazing! So on with what we gave her for her Birthday. 

The Hotel Transylvania coffin set is actually a really nice tin to hold those two chap-sticks. The chapsticks will get used up but that tin will be around for awhile. It's a nice place for her to stash her cash where the boys wont look! 

The other Hotel Transyvania nail polish set is super cute too because each of those bottles of nail polish are faced with a little water bubble and sparkles. The plastic case holes all 4 bottles perfectly and the case even has a water-face and shimmering confetti and bubbles making it fun to turn around to see the characters in the movie. They are all super cute for children's nail polish! 

Now I actually wish I had a better picture of this Emoji Chap stick because it's super cute too but it appears that she has already slipped it into her backpack and she's already off to school. I guess that means it's a win too! This came as a cute party-favor but we let Layla keep it instead of trying to choose who to send it home with.  Townleygirl has such a neat selection of party favors!

Check out TownleyGirl and all their neat products at the following links.  They even offer gift cards!

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