Creating a Masterpiece with String of the Art

I know I don't express it nearly enough on here, but we absolutely love crafting!  I'm working on showing off more projects here in the very near future and have about a million and one pictures to share with all of you! But life goes on and kids keep us busy and sometimes there's just not enough time in the day.  
One of the neatest projects we're working on right now is actually a pre-packaged string wall art kit from String of the Art.  Right out of the package, I was super impressed with the presentation of the kit.  Even the box is adorable!

String of the Art puts together pre-packaged kits that include a 16" x 12" hand sanded and stained dark walnut board, high quality string, nails, and plenty of directions.  On their website, the shown completed works of art are magnificent! They are so fascinating and beautiful they look professionally completed.  
Photo courtesy of String of the Art

When we opened up the package, I really didn't know what to expect.  How could we really create something so beautiful?  I mean, those totally look professionally completed right?   The String of the Art kits are designed to be created by anyone of all ages.  The kit includes  incredible instructions that give a step-by-step description of how to recreate the Sunflower String Art pattern.   THIS IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE!  WE CAN DO THIS!

Jeramiah started this one for us getting all the nails in place using the provided template and begining on the string.  He walked away from it a couple times not understanding that the stem and leaves are a "free pattern" thinking he had to get it just right.  After I explained to him that meant he could twist and turn them any direction he wanted to he was a little more relaxed with it.  (even though it said so right in the directions....)

Everyone's been taking turns with this one.  Originally I had planned on Layla and hubby working on this one for a bonding project but the days have been so short lately with the kids's schedules.  I think it's really neat though how it's become a family project and can't wait to see how it's finished. 

I know.... It's not done yet, but almost!  These are so worth every penny!  They are an intensive art project and do consume quite a bit of time for someone doing their very first one.  But they are absolutely stunning pieces of work that anyone can do! 

  We love craft projects and had seen string art in commercial places but never thought we could make something like that at home.  These kits are too cool and would make an excellent gift even for an non-experienced crafter. I think Layla's going to give hers for a gift for Christmas and that's just absolutely perfect!

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