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The September Degustabox was perfect for our busy back to school schedule.  Maisons in football almost everyday, Jeramiah's been doing pre-season wrestling, and it's getting close to the holiday's where my craft orders are getting ready to pick up.  I've said it time and time again, sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up so I am forever great full that we receive our Degustabox every month and it has a few snacks, treats, drinks, staples, and meal options.  The Degustabox just about has it all!

 Each month we receive our Degustabox and it's always so well packaged from the extra bubble wrap to the cute little "sealer sticker" that holds the packaging together.  I always know if someone sneaks into my Degustabox before I have a chance to tell you about it and believe me, as soon as it gets here, the whole family eagerly waits.  And yes, there's been times where I've hid the box in my closet like a pack of cookies...  Everyone in the house loves our Degustabox for sure!

The theme this month was Lunchbox, which is no surprise since school is back in full swing.  So what was in our box?  Let's start with the snack.  Hubby took off with the Better Chip Jalapeno & Cilantro chips and absolutely loved them. I'm not a jalapeno person so I left them for him and he said they were for lack of better terms Kick butt and that I needed to get him some more.  The bag seemed kinda small for $3.99 but he said they were very filling and that was a very fair price for the quality.  I guess I'll be looking for some more.

The GoCo Crunchy Coconut Bites were new for me.  I remember eating coconut straight out of the bag when I was little because that was a cool thing to do and these were kinda like that except they were in cute little chips about the size of quarters.  The GoCo Coconut Bites were a good little treat for trying something new.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs were another product that we had never tried before.  They are gluten free, non-GMO, no nuts, soy, and are vegan. These would be a great snack for someone with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. They were pretty enjoyable and comparable to other puffed snacks.

Each month, Debustabox has included sweets in our monthly subscription and this month was no different.  The Bauducco Chocolate wafers were great with my morning coffee.  They are not too rich but deliciously creamy and light.  SunRype fruit snacks have been a favorite of mine for awhile.  They are made from only real fruit & veggies and they sweet enough even the kids like them.

We've had the PB Crave flavored peanut butter before and while I'm not a fan the kids love it!  It's packed with chunks of chocolate or whatever the flavor is and it's super sweet!  I think the PB Crave would be great for a recipe but I'm yet to try it.  Maybe the corn flake cookies?  Hummmmmmm Ideas ideas...

The September Degustabox also had Hand fulls Crrrunch Bites which were whole roasted bbq flavored almonds.  They were super good!!!  The Chia Company included two packs of Chia Shots which are great for baking, salads, and smoothies.  Hubby actually ate one of them like a shot..... What a goof but he thought they were really good and took the second one as well.  I didn't think they had any flavor but Chia isn't something I've really experimented with, call me old school but I'll get there eventually. Just not plain like he did...

But those Mighty Spark Food Co chicken snacks are really something to brag about.  Holy smokes they are chicken meat sticks but PACKED FULL of whatever their flavor.  Just look at all the cranberries in this one!  I've already got an order placed to get more of these for hubbys lunch box and as a snack here at the house.  They were incredibly good!

Each month we've received a staple item and a drink in our Degustabox and this month was no different.  Tigertail included mustard in a tube and I know that sounds crazy but this German Recipe has just a touch of heat and is great on sandwiches.  The Marquis Citrus Yuzu drink though was a little bitter for us.  Hubby and I both tried and decided that wouldn't be something we would want again.  But that's the whole point of the Degustabox subscription is the opportunity to try new foods and that we never have before and this was a great example.

Then of course what about meal ideas?  I love that the Degustabox includes a couple items that would be great with dinner.  The Idahoan Potatoes were perfect last night with chicken for dinner and I was glad to have them on hand because it's Thursday and I'm yet to make it to the grocery store this week....

I haven't had the opportunity to try out the Marion's Kitchen meal kit yet but I'm really excited to.  The recipe on the box looks super easy and that will be a good dinner for when it's just hubby and I.  I can't wait!

So there it is, another great month at Degustabox!  We love receiving their subscription box each month!

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