Happy Birthday Layla! She loves Brackitz!

Here's another little gem I've been holding onto.  A few weeks ago, I came across the Brackitz website and thought the toy building company was kinda interesting and that the kids might enjoy seeing what they could come up.  These neat Brackitz attach to traditional planks at any angle allowing the kids to build ANYTHING.  I seriously mean anything!

I saved the Brackitz 100 Piece Inventor Series for Layla's birthday last weekend because when it came, I really started to understand that the possibilities were endless and this was a really great gift!

Well the box didn't last long.  Layla's about as graceful as I am when it comes to things like that.  So I found a decent size zipper bag and totally made this Brackitz set portable!  She can take this with us to ball games and use the bleachers as a table.

She never looks thrilled when we're taking a bunch of pictures of her.

I just can't believe how much she's been playing with this set! She's made animals, money and a money safe, a garage, and picture frames.  Brackitz really encourages her creativity and I love it!  She's even been sharing with Jeramiah but he ran off before I was able to snap any pictures.  It was really neat to see them both play with the set and really enjoy it, even with the age difference between them.   

She brought me her picture frames and after I "messed them up" as she said, I realized how thick and sturdy these pieces are.  I'm really impressed with the quality in the pieces because these are sure to last a long time! They slide together easily but click into place to be secured.  They are easily removable and she can build and explore without any help.  The days of separating Legos with your fingernails are over! 

Layla's kinda hard to shop for. She's greatful for everything but doesn't always really play with everything we get her.  There's art kits in her closet from last Christmas that I doubt she will ever get down... So to see her really enjoy the Brackitz is a relief and I'm so glad we got them for her!

You can check out Brackitz for yourself at the following links and be sure to use the coupon code for 15% off everything in their store!  

Coupon code:   BRM15

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