Kolton's new Smart Baby Sound Machine by AuCuTee

I think after 6 days, of almost non-stop playing, this compact Infant Sound Machine from AuCuTee has finally lost its charge.  That's a long time for a single charge!

Kolton loves this little noise machine and we take it everywhere!  The compact design is perfect to take with us in the car, attach to his stroller, bouncy seat, or even when we're just out and about.  Of course, it's also great for his crib but we really utilize the soothing sounds throughout the day too!

In addition to the simple on-off feature, the unit is voice/ sound activated so when he cries or there's any abrupt noise around it, it's activated to whatever setting we have it on. With the noise activation feature, it plays pretty much non-stop during the day. Of course we could turn it off all together, but Kolton really really likes the music so it's pretty much near him always.  There is a 30 minute automatic shut off which is good for at night but I love that it's activated when he starts getting restless in the middle of the night. It's really helped him stay asleep longer and I appreciate that more than words can say!!

 There's six different sounds that are easily adjustable by twisting the bottom but we usually keep it on the lullaby as it's sweet and calming. The others are a mother's shush, fetal heart beat, rain, white noise, and ocean waves.  The volume and on and off is also controlled at the top by twisting so there's no sharp knobs or buttons for Kolton to pinch himself with.

The clip is handy to attach the machine to his diaper bag, stroller, and even his car seat but I think we're going to take if off because he uses it to throw the machine.  On another note, it's been dropped from about 5 1/2 feet, (over my head he tossed it) and it still plays perfect! Yea...... It's a preference  I'm sure!

We love our newest AuCuTee Infant Sound Machine and even if this one does bite the dust, or hit the dust for that matter, we will definitely be ordering another one because Kolton loves it too!

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