Simple Quinoa Dishes from Pereg!

A few weeks ago I published a recipe for Peanut Butter Quiona Flakes utilizing Pereg Gourmet Foods and would you believe it's been viewed over 1000 times already! It really is a yummy recipe that I tweeked just a little bit. Plus, it was something different that even Maison enjoyed. You can read about it here; CLICK HERE

This week, we have finally made our way through the Quinoa dishes that Pereg sent. Hubby and I really enjoy trying new foods but the kids not so much. So we usually wait until a kid free evening and see what we can come up with.  These Quinoa dishes are great as sides or as a meal themselves.  

I'm really impressed with the flavor in each of these especially with how easy they are to cook!  Just boil 2 cups of water in a small cooking pot and pour in the contents.  Lightly cover and let cook until the water cooks down and continue to stir.  Fluff like rice... Super simple!!  Simple enough the kids could have made them... 

These little boxes pack the punch!  The portions were even pretty big once all cooked up. They all fluffed really nice.   I did make one mistake though.  I made the Quinoa Vegetables one evening because I was excited to try them and before I ever poured the packet in the water the boys said they looked like bird seed and wouldn't even give it a second chance.  Since when did I get picky eaters?  Little stinkers (for choice of better words...) 

Look at all those veggies!  The plate with the roll is the Quinoa Mushrooms and it was by far my favorite.  But a little secrete about me is I don't always care for mushrooms.  I like morals when hubby goes and picks them but that's really it.  So the fact that I enjoyed this one so much really surprised me!  It's full of flavor and paired nicely with Pink Himalayan Salt, oh and a roll.  And before we mom shame, no I did not eat all that lol I told ya those boxes made a lot!

These Quinoa dishes are super yummy and really easy to make!  Pereg Gourmet does an incredible job preparing these and we will definitely getting more in the future!  

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