Singing Machine Fiesta Plus was the perfect entertainment!

I really have to admit, the birthday party this weekend was probably the first time I've ever been halfway relaxed at an event I was hosting.  I'm usually stressed out about every fine detail but this time, I got it under wraps way early!  It was really nice to be around our family and friends and watch everyone enjoy themselves.

I started planning last month, which for me is early...   We had the pool to keep the kids cool, really cool games from FunSparks that I'll tell you about later, and this beauty, The Fiesta Plus Singing Machine.  There was plenty to keep the kiddos busy and even the adults joined in on the fun. 

The Fiesta Plus Singing Machine was perfect for radio style music or kareokee!  I can't go on enough about all the different features, functions, and abilities this design holds. And how incredibly easy it is to use!

We have been dragging this thing all over the house and the yard.  The kids also enjoy singing to Kolton almost nightly and he loves the attention, and the disco ball lighting that's on the top.

I say dragging, but what I really meant was wheeling!  On the back of the Fiesta Plus is a suitcase style handle that easily folds down with a press of a button.  Up when you need it, down for easy storage!  The machine is also rechargeable, yes I said it rechargeable so we can take it anywhere in the yard, no extension cords needed!

The Fiesta Plus has quality and very powerful 8" speakers.  This was the perfect system to have set up outside in such an open area because the music stayed pure to the sound and we barley had the speaker turned up and it was pretty loud.  These speakers pack a punch when their turned all the way up too!

Dad used an app he has on his phone through the blue tooth feature and was able to read the lyrics off his phone.  The Fiesta Plus also comes with a 8GB flash drive, with built-in software that can transfer the songs from your computer to the machine. And it comes with 10 free songs off their library! That was really helpful!

 There's plenty of options to this karaoke system all of which are easy to follow and understand on a 7' color LCD display.  The videos that it plays on some of the songs are fun!  A lot of them are the same video but it's entertaining anyways and the screen is perfect quality!  The whole system is actually All-Digital HD so I just can't go on about it enough!

Both mic holders on the side are collapsible, again for easy storage.  One mic even acts as a remote and allows you to control the machine without approaching it.  Instead of sitting here and listing all the details, here's the exact list from the Signing Machine Website

  • All-Digital Karaoke Systems
  • Auto Voice Control
  • Balance Control
  • Bluetooth®
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Connect to your TV via the HDMI output jack
  • Echo control for voice effects
  • Integrated user interface
  • Interactive Wired Mic-Remote Control
  • Line in to connect to other audio devices
  • Multi-colored LED light show synchronizes to the music
  • Plays HD karaoke videos from USB
  • Record vocals to USB
  • Resting Tablet Cradle
  • Supports two microphones for duets

The features on the Fiesta Plus Signing Machine are endless!  Of course it's a really nice sound system if you just want to play some music outside, but the karaoke features like the voice control and effects really make this system comparable to a professional karaoke system.  I had some friends that own a karaoke business and I used to go out with them weekly but years and years ago.  The Fiesta Plus is definitely comparable to professional system when it comes to the different features,  but way more compact, and easier to use. 

The Singing Machine Fiesta Plus really made the party roll on.  The kids spent hours singing, well the guest as you can see, spent hours signing and listing to music.  It was nice and really helped for a smooth event. We will be using this for many many events to come!

So where can you get your own party maker? 

The Fiesta Plus can be found at Sams and Costco and some third party sellers on Amazon

But be sure to check out Signing Machine and their other great products at the following links;

Now if you don't mind a sideways video, because I have tried and tried and tried to find software to rotate it and can't seem to get a grip on it, here's a little of the action! (And still working on it!! UGH)


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