The Smartest Smart Watch- GoBe2 by Healbe

I'm a believer!  It's crazy to think that a watch, a devise you wear on top of your skin, can actually count carbs, calories, and even fat and protein intake!

When I started looking into the Healbe GoBe2 watch, and saw that it can count calorie intake without manual entry, I had no idea what to expect.  I figured there was some catch to it and I would figure it out when it arrived but non the less it was time for a little "weight loss encouragement". 

Then it came... And after reading a little more about the features I figured it was going to be difficult to set up, register, and get connected to the app.  So I waited a day or so before getting it out of the box and even then let it get that "full charge" overnight rather than just the short amount of time it really took.   Boy I felt like a ding dong!  That wasn't the case at all!  The GoBe2 app was easy to find, it popped right up and downloaded in just a couple minutes.  The watch paired quickly and was ready to go right away.

The GoBe2 uses what's called FLOW Technology and I received a very well written 15 page document explaining that technology.  Now, while I'm not going to share that entire document with you, I will paraphrase and share some of their direct statements so I'm sure not to confuse anything. You can check it out for yourself at the following link because it's actually really interesting and Healbe has created a one of kind devise.  This thing is incredible!   CLICK HERE

If you look at the back of the watch, the two gold colored dots are for the charging doc, but the rest of the platform consist of three sensors which monitors the following primary parameters;

• "PIEZO PRESSURE SENSOR: measures blood flow and heart rate
• IMPEDANCE SENSOR: uses different frequencies to measure fluid levels in tissues
• ACCELEROMETER: measures body movement and activity

 The specific data from these sensors is not shown to the user. Instead, Healbe FLOW™ Technology uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the following secondary parameters, which provide useful insights to the end-user: • Calorie intake • Calories burned in the process of metabolism and physical activity • Composition and quantity of macro-nutrients from food and drinks (e.g. fats, carbohydrates) • Water intake • Number of steps and distance covered • Heart rate • Arterial blood pressure • Sleep quality and efficiency • REM sleep phases • Stress level monitoring"

Now I know exactly what your thinking... The same thing I was.. No way!  Just not possible... Right? Holy smokes! While utilizing the app, I can sync it as often as I would like.  Last night I waited until right before bed because we were pretty busy yesterday and that's when I finally remembered.  I couldn't believe how detailed the stats were even down to the times.

While just looking at my heart rate calculations, I could see how my daily activity was calculated.  I look at the ups and downs and can actually remember what I was doing at those times to cause the jumps and points of relaxation.  The same thing with the stress measurements.  I kinda chuckled to see my stress levels raise about the same time the school called to tell me I had to go pick up Jeramiah because he was sick.  And then again at Maisons football game.  I swear these kids will stress me to death right?  It's neat to have exact time measurements of health related information like both of those because that can help me recognize stressful behaviors and eliminate those activities.  Now obviously I couldn't help Jeramiah being sick or the other team scoring first last night but the GoBe2 showed other times of stress in which I could better manage my behavior or activity to prevent stress related health issues.

Oh look at stress going up to almost 2200 hours, (10:00 PM), the football games took FOREVER last night!  And stress declines right when we were finally heading home.  Isn't that neat?

The Energy screen is probably the most incredible thing I've seen in a health activity watch.

Last night after wearing it for just a little over 12 hours, I couldn't believe the things it told me about my health and activity!

To start, I do WAY more steps now that I'm staying home with Kolton than I ever did working... That was just in about 12 hours yesterday...  I know it's not much but I was lucky to have 5000 steps in a day while working.

And I guess all that pop and candy I had at the game last night added up didn't it.... Woops!  That's a lot of fat g for as little as I really ate through most of the day.  I kinda tend to sip on pop and then eat late once I have someone to tend to Kolton.  The GoBe2 is reminding me that this is a very bad habit of mine....

We've got a lot of playing to go with the GoBe2.   It's incredibly neat how detailed and accurate it is.  I gonna spend a couple days counting calories and compare against the GoBe2 so stay tuned and we'll see together if it can keep up with this busy mom!

While we wait for an update, check out the Healbe GoBe2 and FLOW Technology at the following links;

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GoBe2 video Technology description - CLICK HERE

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