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Of course I'm bias and I'm gonna say that Kolton just looks totally cute in this shirt from BW Creations. But he does! Check it out! I used this shirt for one of his 6 month pictures the other day and thought it was just too perfect against this afghan I got from grandmas and grandpas. Happy Fall Ya'all!

I seen this shirt in an adult version and messaged the owner of BW Creations and had her make a tiny version for Baby Kolton! Wham Bam it was ready in just a day! 

The possibilities are endless at BW Creations!  Have a shirt idea?  She can make it!  She crafts like I do, except she's way more advanced when it comes to clothing and fabrics.  She recently purchased what's called a sublimation printer so she can print designs right onto the shirts!! 

By now, I'm sure you've seen someone with a personalized vinyl shirt.  Ask them how it's holding up!  If it's starting to peel, then the maker used a iron to affix the vinyl.  Shirts at BW Creations wont peel because she uses a professional grade heat press.  I've been watching her projects for awhile and she uses only high quality products.  I mean, a happy customer is a repeat customer right? 

Oh, and before I forget.... (because this is a shirt post) Anything goes with BW Creations!  She can print the same images on a shirt to a cup, to a cutting board, or even tea towels!  I often get on Google and type in a theme and send it to her "Can you make this?"  Yup!  not a problem!!

Right now, shes primarily available through Facebook.  Go check her out, tell her what your looking for and see what she can come up with!  Got holiday shirt ideas? How about family shirts for the holidays!  Yup shes done it all and they always turn out sooooooooooo cute!!

BW Creations; Click here

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