Cozy Phones for the Family

I'm so glad my neighbors live far enough away they couldn't hear me jamming out this morning with my new CozyPhones.   Yes, CozyPhones are headphones, really cool ones at that, so of course my neighbors can't hear the music but the sound is so incredible on these, I just can't help but to sign along!  Oh I'm glad there's a couple tree lines between us for sure!

I started looking into CozyPhones because Maison and Jeramiah are always "needing headphones".  Seriously, where do they all go? Ugh! They need them for school, they like them for sports after school, and they want them for doing outside chores.  I understand, music's motivating, so I figured we could give CozyPhones a try.   I ordered their new Bluetooth Contour Series, oh and Tator a kids pair because they were just too cute!

When the cooler weather comes around, I'm always wearing ear warmers just to keep the brisk air out of my ears.  Although the Cozy Phones have speakers and a very small control panel built into them, they are still just as thin and comfy as my regular $2 ear warmer headbands I buy every year.  The CozyPhones also have a cool mesh lining so while they keep the air out of my ears, they are still cool enough the boys will enjoy them while working out.


They charge really quick, a couple hours, with a USB micro-charger that even has it's own hole sewn into the mesh lining so the mesh doesn't tear or rip.  They also came with instructions on how to move the actual speakers without damaging the unit.  So they are totally adjustable! And washable, the 1/8th inch speakers and control panel come out so the headband can be washed!

The wireless bluetooth feature and the comfort of the CozyPhones is what makes them great for so many different users!  Traditional ear buds always seem to fall out of my ears while mowing, working out, or even just moving my head the wrong way.  I love that the CozyPhones stay snug in place regardless of how much physical movement we partake in.  They are also comfy enough to sleep in and the headband itself helps block the sound from disturbing anyone else in the room.

What about those kids CozyPhones? Aren't they too cute! For all those kiddos who hate to wear ear buds because they are most certainly not one size fits all, these CozyPhones are perfect!  Cozyphones for kids gives us all the benefits of having headphones, (like the rest of us not having to hear the "fun" youtube videos) but none of the discomfort!  They are also made from a super soft material, are completly adjustable, and the 1/8th inch speakers come out so the headband can be washed.  Oh thank goodness!!!

Additionally, CozyPhones for kids, are actually made for kids.  The removable speakers, have a volume control that limits the sound at 90 decibels to help protect young ears.

I will definitely be ordering everyone in the house their own pair of CozyPhones in the bluetooth series for Christmas.  These are a great stocking stuffers and I know the kids are gonna love them!

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